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Web Developer

Having had technical training, the web developer will have the technical ability to create web applications for the site.

The web developer participates in the construction of those websites that not only consist of static pages rather they contain transactional or personalised functions.



  • Programming  XSL, scripts, applets, Database applications


  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Programming (HTML,XML, XSL, Java, JavaScript, Coldfusion, etc.)
  • Testing
  • Database Design, SQL- databases, retrieving and manipulating data


  • HTML, XML/XSL and scripting
  • Analysis, design, programming and testing Java, JavaScript,  Coldfusion, etc.
  • Database design, SQL- databases, retrieving and manipulating data within a website
  • Documentum Corporate WCM for webmasters  
  • Documentum Corporate WCM workflows for webmasters
  • XSL development with Documentum Corporate WCM