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Web Designer

He / she will have had an artistic training, and will be responsible for all visual aspect of the site. The Web designer may also work with multimedia applications (video, audio, animation, etc).

The aim is to make the web site more alive, intuitive and enjoyable.



  • Define the graphical layout of the Site and its “image”
  • Create/modify images, icons, logos and navigation buttons
  • Design the user interface
  • Create the page design, CSS design (templates) to define the presentation style of the site’s page
  • Create/modify multimedia for the site


  • Creativity
  • Graphical ability
  • Knowledge of ergonomics, WAI, standards and IPG guide of the website.


  • Ergonomics, WAI, standards and IPG guide of the Web site
  • HTML and CSS
  • Web graphics
  • Multimedia
  • Documentum Corporate WCM for webmasters
  • XSL development with Documentum Corporate WCM