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Web Architect

A key position in the Web organization today is the Web architect, the visionary who bridges the Web content and technical domains, acting as a pivot point between the technical and the non technical members of the Web team.



Should be thoroughly familiar with the organisation and purpose of the service, because he/she designs the structure and content of the Web, in conjunction with the Content Manager.

  • Identify the mission and focus of a website; determine who will be using the site, who is building it, key usability principles, technical constraints, and future needs.
  • Determine anticipated user paths, construct a structure and method of organisation; organise site content into categories and assist in creating an interface to support those categories.
  • Design the organisation, labelling, navigation, and indexing systems to support both browsing and searching to ensure that users can easily find the information they need.
  • Develop the metadata dimension from the business requirements together with the content manager.





  • Website Design/Construction
  • Website management
  • Mark-up and scripting
  • Ergonomics, WAI, standards and guide IPG of the website
  • Documentum Corporate WCM for webmasters
  • Documentum Corporate WCM workflows for webmasters
  • XSL development with Documentum Corporate WCM