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The EUROPA team, which is responsible for the overall coordination of EUROPA (together with DIGIT, DGT, SG and OP), can provide you with any help or advice you may need regarding EUROPA.

You can contact the EUROPA team on the page all EUROPA support contact pointsRestricted area: This link points to internal pages and may not work if you are browsing as an external user..


The EUROPA team assists departments in planning, creating and managing sites on EUROPA.

It provides support and advice for online communication, including:

  • creation, design and maintenance of websites, blogs, forums
  • EUTube - a channel on for EU video clips
  • management of the Flexible Platform for Internet Services - FPFIS
  • Corporate Web Content Management System tool and service
  • IPG, Information Architecture, Accessibility and Usability Trainings
  • Web consulting and advice
  • statistics on EUROPA development of Internet tools
  • management of access to EUROPA web tools and services
  • guidance on use of .eu domain name and allocation of web addresses
  • EC home page (in 24 languages) - news articles covering EU policy development, events, etc. and local news from EC Representations offices. Complementary sections: promotion of President's and Commissioners' activities, EU prizes and competitions
  • Web network of EC Representations offices
  • Promotion on EUROPA home page


For the creation of new sites, this includes the following:

  • discussing the design of the project and its incorporation in the EUROPA structure with the originating department and Internet editors
  • drawing the attention of the originating department to the IPG rules to be complied with
  • granting a web address or URL
  • giving the originating department advice and suggestions on page layout, usability and accessibility, technologies, interactivity, promotion of the site, etc.
  • if necessary, ensuring coordination with other departments with a stake in the project