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In accordance to the Communication Towards the e-Commission: Europa 2nd generationpdf adopted on 6 July 2001 (C(2001)1753), a EUROPA Forum has been created. Its role was confirmed by the Internet Strategy Communication Communicating about Europe via the Internetpdf(338 kB).

The EUROPA Forum is made up by the representative(s) of every Directorate-General and department of the Commission.
Each Directorate-General and department shall formally nominate the person(s) responsible for the websites of the Directorate-General or department as its representative(s) to the Europa Forum.

Webmasters from the other Community institutions may attend the meetings of the EUROPA Forum as observers.




Collaborative workspace



As a formal instance of EUROPA’s management structure as defined in the Communication C(2001)1753, the Forum will:

  • Express the needs of the webmasters in terms of infrastructure, tools, training strategy.
  • Take part in the updating of the Information Providers Guide (IPG).
  • Exchange best practices and organise workshops.
  • Participate in the work of the committees of EUROPA's management structure.

Organisation and working

The Forum shall appoint a President, or joint Presidents, for a minimum period of six months. It shall decide its work programme and working calendar.

The EUROPA Forum shall nominate its representative(s) in the Technical Committee. The representative(s) in this committee shall report the opinions of the EUROPA Forum.

Meetings of the EUROPA Forum shall be convened by the President(s).

The President(s) shall draw up the draft agenda for the meetings of the EUROPA Forum.

The presidency is responsible of the secretarial aspects of the Forum, with the exception of drafting the minutes which are assumed by the incoming presidency

The President(s) may decide to invite experts to talk on particular matters, at the request of a member or on its own initiative.

The EUROPA Forum may organise practical workshops and may create working parties to examine particular issues. The working parties shall report back to the Forum.


Next presidencies

List of upcoming presidentspdf(15 kB)Restricted area: This link points to internal pages and may not work if you are browsing as an external user.



If deemed necessary by the members of the EUROPA Forum, the Forum will adopt its voting rules in due course.


Functional Mailbox

The EUROPA Forum has its own functional mailbox, so if you wish to contact the presidents, please address your email to where presidents of the forum will find it.


Brief history

The Forum was initiated by Benedictus Nieuwenhuis and Giulio Groppi. Since January 1998, the EUROPA Forum has gathered informally every two or three months representatives with web responsibilities from all Commission services.



  • 1st semester 2014: KUKUCKA Pavol (SANCO) and BLOCH Didier (TRADE)
  • 2nd semester 2013: BORMANS Yves (MOVE) and VANDEN BORRE Alain (REGIO)
  • 1st semester 2013:  ZOURNATZI Tina (MARE) and STRONCER Dominik (MARKT)  
  • 2nd semester 2012: SANTOS Fabricio (HOME) and DELEHAYE Dominique (JRC)
  • 1st semester 2012: JONES Linda (JUST) and SNAJDAR Alexandr (INFSO)
  • 2nd semester 2011: BORTIN Annika (ESTAT) and AMARO Sergio (EPSO)
  • 1st semester 2011: CHIANALE Patrizia (EAC) and SODJA Luka (ELARG)
  • 1st semester 2010: KOCH Axel (ECHO) and FERAUX Fabian (EACEA)
  • 1st semester 2010: LOCKETT Anthony (EMPL) and CAVALLO Sandra (ENTR)
  • 2nd semester 2009: Chris MAXWELL + Michel GERDAY (ECFIN) and Silvia BOMBARDONE + Massimo LUPO (OP)
  • 1st semester 2009: Michel VAN KERCKHOVEN (COMP) and Werner VAN OSTA(DGT)
  • 2nd semester 2008: Didrik DE SCHAETZEN (AIDCO) and Angeles NOGUEROL (COMM)
  • 1st semester 2008 to June 2008: Marinus CHRIST (SJ) and Nathalie COLLIN (BUDG)
  • 2nd semester 2007: Anne WEBEL ELLMES (SG) and Paul SPYCKERELLE (AGRI)
  • 1st semester 2007: Didier BLOCH (TRADE) and Benedictus NIEUWENHUIS (RELEX)
  • 2nd semester 2006: Keitch JOELS (COMM)
  • 1st semester 2006: Patrizia CHIANALE (EAC) and Guido WERKERS (SANCO)
  • 2nd semester 2005: Robert ANDRECS (TAXUD) and Wolfgang PETZOLD (REGIO)
  • 1st semester 2005 to June 2005: Hans CHRISTOFFERSEN (FISH) and Anne DELAUNOIS (MARKT)
  • 2nd semester 2004: José ARCOS ORTIZ, DG INFSO and Christian HUWAERT, DG JRC.
  • 1st semester 2004: Stephen GOSDEN (RTD) and Carina ARO (ENV)
  • 2nd semester 2003: Wilfried SCHOL (AGRI) and Marguerite GAZZE (TREN)
  • 1st semester 2003: Terence WHALEY (EMPL) and Linda JONES (COMP)
  • 2nd semester 2002: Carina ARO (ENTR) and Robert GANGL (ECFIN)
  • In September 2001, the DGs having officially nominated their representatives to the Forum in accordance with the Communication "EUROPA 2nd generation", Brigitte ARNOLD-WÖRTZ and Marinus CHRIST were elected as new co-chairmen for an eight months period.
  • In January 2001, Madeleine KIHRLBERG and Gerald MESSIAEN were elected as new co-chairmen.

Training materials

EUROPA Forum organises training and workshops. Check if any material is useful for you in the Training chapterRestricted area: This link points to internal pages and may not work if you are browsing as an external user..