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EUROPA editor

In accordance with the Internet Strategy Communication Communicating about Europe via the Internetpdf(346 kB) an EUROPA editor has been appointed. He/she will be responsible for the day-to-day management of EUROPA from an editorial standpoint.



  • Define the vision for EUROPA and Commission websites.
  • Day-to-day operational management of EUROPA and Commission sites and pages to ensure editorial, linguistic and graphical consistency of corporate sites and pages and projection of a coherent image/identity.
  • Strategic and operational planning (short, medium and long term), including identifying the annual resource needs, on the basis of input from DGs and following consultation withDG DIGIT.
  • Ensure compliance and quality control with respect to the IPG.
  • Communicate and promote internet activities in relation with the development of a European public sphere.
  • Mediate and ensure cooperation between DGs.

Organisation and working

The EUROPA editor is appointed by the Director-General of DG COMM.