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Editorial Committee EUROPA

In accordance with the Internet Strategy Communication Communicating about Europe via the Internetpdf(346 kB) the EUROPA Editorial Committee was created.

The Editorial Committee, chaired by the EUROPA Editor, is composed of permanent members of SPP, SG, DGT, OP, CONNECT & FPI and DIGIT and complemented (where required and/or on their own request) by the Internet editors of DGs, Representations or by representatives of relevant project teams.



As a formal instance of EUROPA’s management structure as defined in the Communication Communicating about Europe via the Internetpdf , the Editorial Committee will

  • Assist and support the Editor to ensure editorial and graphical consistency on corporate sites and pages.
  • Provide line DGs with guidelines on how to effectively present their content on the Internet, including advice on comprehensive multimedia packages.
  • Define functional needs for the development/delivery of Internet tools.
  • Recommend the level of multilingualism of individual websites.

Organisation and working

The Editorial Committee is presided by the EUROPA Editor who decides its work programme and working calendar.



The Editorial Committee meets approximately 6 times a year on the basis of established agendas. The meetings are organised and chaired by DG COMM.