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  • Conference "Coordinating Framework Programme and Structural Funds to support R&D" – 3 May 2007
    The conference is organised by the European Commission (DG Research) in the collaboration with the German Presidency. The aim of the conference is to present and discuss guidelines on how to make better coordinated use of the Framework Programme and the Structural Funds to support R&D. A wide range of high level speakers will participate in the conference including two European Commissioners, German Secretary of State for research and former Finnish Prime Minister. For more information, please see the programmeEnglish [PDF file - 157 Kb] and advertising English [PDF file - 10 Kb].
    The live transmission of the conference will be available on the 3rd of May on
  • Public consultation on knowledge transfer (university-industry relations) -- Open until July 31
    The aim of this consultation is to identify the main problems public research organisations (such as universities) and industry experience when working together - be they cultural barriers or legal ones - and how the research and industry communities feel that they should be addressed. We therefore welcome the views of all stakeholders concerned, including those of universities, industry, SMEs, and publicly-funded research laboratories and public authorities
  • Conference “Improving research policies in Europe through the Open Method of Coordination” - Brussels, 18 May 2006
    The conference is organised by the Commission (DG Research) under the auspices and in collaboration with the Austrian Presidency. It will raise awareness and discuss the application of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) to increase investment in research: benefits of improved coherence of national R&D policies in Europe, impact of OMC in national policy making so far, ways to strengthen its application and integration of national R&D policies in the National Lisbon Strategies. (Programme OMC)English [PDF file - 591 Kb]











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