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Sports Related Services

As a rule, Internal Market provisions only apply to sports related activities when they are of an economic nature. As a result, sponsorship, bookmaking, sports advertising, but also sports broadcasting fall under the scope of the Internal Market rules in the Treaty.

Conference on sustainable funding models for grassroots sports in the Internal Market

On 16 February 2010, the Commission organised a conference to give all interested parties the opportunity to give their views on the financing of grassroots sports (i.e. sport for all). The aim was to present the various financing systems across sports disciplines and Member states, to discuss the impact of the economic crisis on grassroots sports financing and identify possible future challenges. In addition, a number of disciplines and countries were selected to be analysed in more detail in the next phase of the study on the financing of grassroots sports (see below).

Study on the financing of grassroots sports

In June 2007, the Commission launched a White Paper on Sport accompanied by the Pierre de Coubertin Action Planpdf Choose translations of the previous link . Here, the Commission committed itself to carry out an independent study on the financing of grassroots sport in the EU. The study is to identify and evaluate the funding systems used for grassroots sport. It will also analyse a wide range of Internal Market policies that have a direct impact on the way sport is financed in the EU. The results of the study are expected by the end of 2010.

8 October 2009 – A consortium formed by Eurostrategies, CDES, AMNYOS and the German Sport Institute of Cologne commissioned to carry out the study on the financing of grassroots sports.