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Discours 2007-2009

Discours de Date Langue
Meeting with EBIC Plenary J. Holmquist 08.05.2009 PDFEnglish
Conference on Financial Reporting in a Changing World J. Holmquist 08.05.2009 PDFEnglish
High-Level Conference "Towards a new supervisory architecture in Europe" J. Holmquist 07.05.2009 PDFEnglish
EU Financial integration – State of Play and Challenges J. Holmquist 30.04.2009 PDFEnglish
EU-US Cooperation in Financial Markets Regulation in Times of Crisis J. Holmquist 13.04.2009 PDFEnglish
2009 EU-US Symposium J. Holmquist 26.03.2009 PDFEnglish
Meeting with ECCG J. Holmquist 24.03.2009 PDFEnglish
CEA Motor Insurance Conference J. Holmquist 19.03.2009 PDFEnglish
Can Electronic payments make Europe more competitive? J. Holmquist 17.03.2009 PDFEnglish
KREAB Breakfast Roundtable Discussion J. Holmquist 17.03.2009 PDFEnglish
IMI and the Services Directive - Awareness-Raising Conference - Welcome Address J. Holmquist 25.02.2009 PDFEnglish
SEPA implementation J. Holmquist 10.02.2009 PDFEnglish
Conference on the "Future of Services in the Internal Market" - Keynote Address J. Holmquist 02.02.2009 PDFEnglish
Standardisation and certification as a support for the development of the Internal Market J. Holmquist 27.01.2009 PDFEnglish
International Auditing Conference with Third Countries J. Holmquist 10.12.2008 PDFEnglish
Mortgage Credit Integration in Europe: before and since the crisis J. Holmquist 21.11.2008 PDFEnglish
Meeting with British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (BCCB) J. Holmquist 09.11.2008 PDFEnglish
INSEAD Alumni Dinner J. Holmquist 13.09.2008 PDFEnglish
Eurofi Panel 5c: Retail Payments Priorities J. Holmquist 11.09.2008 PDFEnglish
IMCO Committee: briefing J. Holmquist 09.09.2008 PDFEnglish
Postal Conference - Closing remarks T. Stoll 24.06.2008 PDFEnglish
How can social Europe remain competitive in a globalised world? J. Holmquist 18.06.2008 PDFEnglish
The Single Market: practical solutions to practical questions J. Holmquist 16.06.2008 PDFEnglish
The Single market and external trade policies, mutually supportive J. Holmquist 12.06.2008 PDFEnglish
The Services Directive: State of play and challenges with implementation J. Holmquist 09.06.2008 PDFEnglish
Fédération Bancaire Française: discours J. Holmquist 15.05.2008 PDFEnglish
International Forum "The Economy and the Open Society" 2008: "Goodbye Globalization?" J. Holmquist 13.05.2008 PDFEnglish
European Commission's Retail Financial Services Strategy J. Holmquist 06.05.2008 PDFEnglish
ECON Committee Meeting: Regular update on the financial markets crisis J. Holmquist 06.05.2008 PDFEnglish
Integration of the EU Financial Services Industry J. Holmquist 18.03.2008 PDFEnglish
Conference on the European Private Company J. Holmquist 10.03.2008 PDFEnglish
Closing address Public hearing on Solvency II – QIS4 J. Holmquist 28.01.2008 PDFEnglish
CEEP Conference - Services of General Interest J. Holmquist 04.12.2007 PDFEnglish
Meeting with British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (BCCB) J. Holmquist 09.11.2007 PDFEnglish
Corporate Governance, ownership and control: The European Commission's policy approach J. Holmquist 17.10.2007 PDFEnglish
Public Hearing on Retail Financial Services - Opening address J. Holmquist 19.09.2007 PDF - 92 KBEnglish
Meeting of the Social Economy Intergroup J. Holmquist 12.09.2007 PDF - 92 KBEnglish
Retail Banking Services in Europe 2012 – The view from Brussels J. Holmquist 11.09.2007 PDF - 92 KBEnglish
Next European Priorities, How to combine regulation and competitiveness in a global word? J. Holmquist 06.07.2007 PDF - 92 KBEnglish
Policymakers' Dinner Debate - Is a pan-European postal market now in sight? J. Holmquist 17.04.2007 PDF - 92 KBEnglish
Committee of European Banking Supervisors: Past, Present and Future J. Holmquist 09.05.2007 PDF - 92 KBEnglish
Symposium on building the financial system of the 21st century - Keynote Address J. Holmquist 30.03.2007 PDF - 92 KBEnglish
Better regulation challenge: From ex-post analysis to ex-ante assessment J. Holmquist 19.02.2007 PDF - 92 KBEnglish
Implementation of Basel II: Challenges & opportunities J. Holmquist 05.03.2007 PDF - 28 KBEnglish


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