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EU Single Market Month closed with Euronews TV debate

A live TV debate on Euronews brought the Single Market Month to a close on the 23rd of October in Strasbourg. The authors of five of the best ideas put forward during the Single Market Month presented their policy proposals to Commissioner Barnier. Anyone could put a question to Mr Barnier through social media. With the slogan “Your ideas can change Europe”, the aim of Single Market Month was to collect ideas from the ground and to improve the Single Market in key areas of concern for citizens: jobs, social rights, banks, and e-commerce. In all, 60 000 people visited the website, and a total of nearly 800 policy proposals were put forward. The online discussion platform www.yourideasforeurope.eu allowed citizens to have direct access to policy-makers: Commissioners, MEPs and other VIPs from civil society interacted with them in 84 live chat sessions scheduled throughout the month; while over 80 European Commission officials reacted to the policy proposals in 24 languages that were submitted on the website.

"During the Single Market Month debates, we have heard nearly 800 ideas. We have listened to them all. Some of these will become concrete propositions for European legislation."

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Statement by Commissioner Michel Barnier on the application date of Solvency II

On 2 October, Commissioner Barnier said: "The Commission today at my request put forward a draft Directive postponing the application date of the Solvency II Directive to 1 January 2016. I have always wanted rapid implementation of Solvency II. But the currently planned date is simply no longer tenable. We have therefore proposed to postpone in order to avoid any legal uncertainty, especially for undertakings and supervisory authorities; we have done this only after obtaining assurance from the Council and the Parliament that they would not further change this new application date of Solvency II".

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Commissioner Michel Barnier welcomes the European Parliament vote on the modernisation of the Professional Qualifications Directive

9 October: Commissioner Barnier: "This is a good result for the promotion of professional mobility. The text adopted will make it easier for professionals who wish to establish themselves or provide their services in other Member States to have their qualifications recognised, whilst guaranteeing an improved level of protection for consumers and citizens."

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The EU’s Role in Bank Capitalization after the Crisis

On 9 October, Jonathan Faull, Director-General for Internal Market and Services held a speech at the Atlantic Council, Washington DC: "We're now entering the phase of making a lot of agreements stick and making them work. We have crafted a lot of new the rules internationally and in our domestic jurisdictions and we now have to make sure that they do what they were designed to do, to restore financial stability and prevent the excesses of the past."

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Single Supervisory Mechanism approved by the Council

On 15 October, the Council concluded the legislative process on the new Single Supervisory Mechanism. Commissioner Barnier said: "The Council has given its final approval for the Single Supervisory Mechanism, the first pillar of the Banking Union. We have written regulatory history. This is a momentous step: the start of a new era for the supervision of Eurozone banks. The ECB will soon take on vast new powers. Many challenges lie ahead but I am confident that it will succeed. The credibility of the banking system is at stake."

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Intellectual property: an engine for growth in Europe

On 17 October 2013, Commissioner Barnier held a speech at the Alliance for Intellectual Property Conference, in London. He stated: "More than a third of all jobs in Europe (...) depend either directly or indirectly on sectors that make intensive use of intellectual property."

  Speech by Commissioner Barnier
The UK in the EU Single Market: What next? Opportunities and challenges

Commissioner Barnier held a speech at the London School of Economics & Political Science. He said: "The Single Market is of massive importance to the UK economy (...) and British companies know it. They know how important it is for the UK to keep its place at the European Union table."

  Speech by Commissioner Barnier

Retail payments: a lever for inclusive and innovative growth in Europe

On 23 October, Commissioner Barnier gave a speech at a joint ECB – Banque de France conference. The Commissioner said: "Retail payments are not simply a technical issue. Instead, they form an important lever for our response to the crisis."

  Speech by Commissioner Barnier
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Commissioner Barnier, Poland – 3 and 18 October 2013

On 3 October, Commissioner Barnier met with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Warsaw to discuss the Banking Union and the next European Council (24-25 October). He also had meetings with Mr Belka Marek (Governor of the National Bank of Poland), Mr Jan Vincent Rostomski (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance) and Mr Jerzy Pruski (President of the Management Board of the Bank Guarantee Fund) to discuss in detail the future Single Resolution Mechanism and the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. On 18 October, Commissioner Barnier was invited by MEP Roza Thun and Polish Deputy PM and Minister for Economy Janusz Piechocinski to the Single Market Forum (SIMFO) in Krakow which focused on the digital single market and on female entrepreneurship. He took part in a “hot chair” interview about the consolidation of the Single Market, met with young entrepreneurs and gave the concluding remarks to a discussion panel on electronic commerce.

Commissioner Barnier, Bucharest – 4 October 2013

On the occasion of his visit to Bucharest, Commissioner Barnier had meetings with the President of Romania, Mr Traian Basescu, Prime Minister Victor Ponta and Minister of Finance Mr Daniel Chitoiu, as well as with parliamentary representatives of different parties. The main topics for discussion were the establishment of the Banking Union and its implications for non-euro area countries, as well as different aspects of the relaunch of the Single Market, such as public procurement reform. On the latter, it was agreed to set up a common taskforce to assist Romania in implementation and national reforms. The meetings were also an occasion to discuss wider European issues and the political and economic situation in Romania.

Commissioner Barnier, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hessen – 11 October 2013

This visit to one of the most dynamic economic regions of Europe covered a large number of Single Market issues. At the invitation of Mr Jürgen Creutzmann, Member of the European Parliament, the Commissioner visited the town of Speyer where he met with the mayor and representatives of local business and associations. They discussed what the Single Market can concretely offer citizens and SMEs, notably in terms of services, public procurement, and professional qualifications. In Ludwigshafen, the Commissioner visited the headquarters and the production site of BASF and discussed important aspects of Europe’s industrial policy such as IPR and company law. Finally, he travelled to Frankfurt where he visited the International Book Fair and met with a number of publishers and authors to discuss issues relating to books and content in the digital Single Market. Commissioner Barnier tweeted from there: “#fbm13 should be no barriers for #consumers to buy and enjoy #ebooks across borders, platforms and devices!”

Commissioner Barnier, London – 17 October 2013

Commissioner Barnier gave a speech at the British Banking Association’s Annual International Banking Conference. The conference brought together some of the most influential professionals and regulators in financial services to discuss the state and future of the banking industry. The Commissioner’s speech focused both on what had already been done in regulating the financial sector and on the upcoming projects: structural reforms concerning banks; asset quality review exercises; completing the Banking Union; cooperation with the United States and the challenges facing the euro. He then participated in a conference of the Alliance for Intellectual Property. Commissioner Barnier declared that intellectual property is “the backbone of a competitive European economy. We have a duty to make sure our IP infrastructure is fit for the 21st century”. In the afternoon, Commissioner Barnier gave a speech at the European Institute of the London School of Economics (LSE). He recalled why Europe needs a better and more integrated Single Market and how the United Kingdom is an essential contributor to this process.

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  03.10.2013  -  31.12.2013Financial ServicesCrowdfunding in the EU - Exploring the added value of potential EU action

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Strasbourg plenary week (7-10 October)


  • Debate and vote, Recognition of professional qualifications, and Administrative cooperation by means of Internal Market Information system (IMI)
  • Commission statement – EU-China negotiations for a bilateral investment agreement
  • Council and Commission statements – Rise of right-wing extremism in Europe
  • Single Market Month VIP chat on banking held during the October plenary

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Intellectual Property Rights - Europe’s asset, Europe’s priority

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Did you realise that: More than a third of all jobs in Europe (...) depend either directly or indirectly on sectors that make intensive use of intellectual property?


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