Issue 27 | October 2013

EU Single Market Month kicks off with debates on jobs

Monday 23 September saw the start of a series of four online debates on the Single Market. The online forum offers stakeholders and citizens a unique and immediate line of communication to Brussels policymakers. The first debates on jobs and on social rights ran on over 400 policy proposals from all member states. How to create more jobs; what the EU can do to help setting up new businesses and how social rights should be protected in the Single Market were some of the issues addressed. The remaining discussions will be based around two more main themes:

  • Europe, banks and you (07-09/10)
  • Buying, selling and communicating online (14-16/10)

This is an innovative and rare chance to make your voice heard and to help shape EU policy in any of the EU's 24 official languages. Commissioners, the European Parliament, national leaders and other experts are all keen to get your input on how to improve the Single Market. Everybody can submit policy ideas that can then be commented and voted on online. Live video or text chats offer the opportunity to talk to European and national VIPs and experts.

"Single Market Month aims to bridge the gap between those who should benefit from policy - civil society, citizens and businesses - and those who draft and decide on it. We welcome a free and open exchange on proposals that will address remaining gaps in the Single Market. A Single Market which works better for citizens, consumers and SMEs is essential to create more jobs and improve competitiveness. This is an innovative project that takes advantage of the ability of the internet to connect people across a diverse and great continent."

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Intellectual Property Rights: study indicates that roughly 35% of jobs in the EU rely on IPR-intensive industries

On 30 September the European Commission welcomed the publication of a study on Intellectual Property Rights, which was carried out jointly by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). This study measures the importance of Intellectual Property rights in the EU economy.

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More information and problem-solving

Citizens and businesses can expect both more and better quality information on their rights in the EU's Single Market as well as reinforced cross-border problem-solving once the recently adopted communication on Your Europe and the Recommendation on SOLVIT are implemented. The Action Plan on the EU's information portal aims at making Your Europe more user-friendly, providing more accurate data on national rules and making the portal easier to find on the web. With the Recommendation on SOLVIT, the Commission is striving to further develop the problem-solving network by increasing its visibility and improving the quality of case-handling.

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Five years after the collapse of Lehmans: what the EU has done to learn the lessons from the crisis, and what still needs to be done

On 15 September 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, bringing down the house of straw on which our financial system had been built. Five years on, we’re still not out of the woods. But we have done a lot to create the conditions in which Europe can grow once more. Commissioner Barnier explains what the EU has accomplished since 2008 to put the European financial sector back on its feet.

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European Parliament vote confirms the creation of the Single Supervisory Mechanism for the eurozone Statement by President Barroso and Commissioner Barnier following the European Parliament’s vote

"There is always much talk about great divides between the Commission and the UK on financial services. However, many of those differences are exaggerated. As the Commissioner for financial services, I have consistently worked closely and constructively with the UK. Taking account of British specificities, as far as possible. This has not been by accident, but by design."

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Commission’s roadmap for tackling the risks inherent in shadow banking

On 4 September the Commission adopted a communication on shadow banking and proposed new rules for money market funds (MMFs). "We have regulated banks and markets comprehensively. We now need to address the risks posed by the shadow banking system" said Commissioner Barnier.

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Commissioner Barnier, Vilnius - September 6 2013

Commissioner Barnier presented the Defence Communication (CSDP) to the EU Defence Ministers meeting in Vilnius. He stated "We need to relaunch European defence. What we cannot do alone anymore, we have to do it among allies who have built peace together for the past 60 years. The current international situation demands that we accelerate the construction of a European diplomatic culture."

Commissioner Barnier, Frankfurt - September 12 2013

Commissioner Barnier opened the Centre for Financial Studies, Goethe University, Frankfurt by recalling that the objective of the European Commission is to "make finance safer and understand it better to keep it at the service of the real economy."

Commissioner Barnier, Madrid - September 19/20 2013

During his visit to Madrid on September 19 and 20, Commissioner Barnier met with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and several members of his government. He took the opportunity to salute "the determination of the Spanish Government and the courage of Spanish citizens in a particularly difficult time." The Commissioner attended the Nueva Economia Forum where he said "Let us not suffer from the loss of influence of the European Union. Let us take control of our destiny through a competitive internal market, new investments and a relaunched industry. Let is keep Europe a major player in the world."

Commissioner Barnier, Le Havre and St Malo - September 27 2013

Commissioner Barnier participated in the LH Forum organized by PlaNet Finance in Le Havre on "How to put people at the heart of the economic system?" before travelling to St Malo for the 40th anniversary of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR) where he reiterated that "every citizen, every business, every territory is needed to win the battle for jobs and competitiveness in Europe."

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  03.10.2013  -  31.12.2013Financial ServicesCrowdfunding in the EU - Exploring the added value of potential EU action

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Strasbourg plenary week (09-12 September 2013)
  • State of the Union – Statement by the President Barroso
  • Plenary debate – Banking union
  • Plenary debate – Mortgage Credit Directive
  • Plenary debate - Market Abuse Regulation
  • Plenary debate – Internal market for services
  • Vote – Online gambling in the internal market

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Single Market Month: one month of online debates in 24 languages #ideas4Europe

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Conference: “A Single Market for Lawyers: valuing achievements, tackling remaining challenges

   16 - 17 January 2014
Event: “Social entrepreneurs: have your say!”, Strasbourg

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