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Issue 12 | May 2012

What does the single market mean to you? Join the 'Generation 1992' competition!

As part of the events surrounding the 20th anniversary of the single market, the European Commission has launched a competition for 20-year olds entitled ‘Generation 1992’. Entrants can submit essays, videos, photographs, cartoons or smartphone applications. Entrants can submit essays, videos, photographs, cartoons or smartphone applications) and can chose to focus on one of four categories: education and citizenship; jobs and entrepreneurship; culture and leisure and consumers and environment. The aim of the contest is to encourage reflection and discussion on the role of the single market in young people’s daily lives, and draw out lessons for future policy.

"We need to relaunch the single market in order to give young adults born in 1992 renewed hope and greater opportunities. And we need this future generation to contribute to the development of our internal market policies for the next 20 years."

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Moving to full e-procurement by 2016

Increasing the use of e-procurement in Europe can generate significant savings for European taxpayers. These savings would maximise the efficiency of public spending in the current context of fiscal constraints. E-procurement can also participate in providing new sources of economic growth and jobs. The European Commission has adopted a communication setting out a strategy to make the use of e-procurement the rule in the EU by mid-2016.

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Anti-Money Laundering: creating a modern EU framework capable of responding to new threats

The threats associated with money laundering and terrorist financing are constantly evolving, which requires periodic revision of the legal framework. In light of the recent adoption of revised international standards and of the Commission's own review process, a report on the application of the Third Anti-Money Laundering Directive was adopted by the Commission on April 11. The Report analyses how the different elements of the existing framework have been applied and considers how the framework may need to be changed.

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European Commissioner Michel Barnier welcomes the launch of Big Society Capital

Commissioner Barnier welcomed the official launch of Big Society Capital (BSC), the UK social investment fund aiming at channeling fresh money into the social enterprise sector, and achieving positive societal impact.

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More transparent rules for international public procurement

Statement by Commissioner Barnier on the formal adoption of the revised Government Procurement Agreement.

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Credit rating agencies will start paying fees for their supervision

For the first time, a European Supervisory Authority will finance some of its activities from private sources rather than using the EU's budget or resources from Member States' competent authorities. The Commission's Delegated Regulation that entered into force on 1 April enables the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) – the European supervisor for credit rating agencies (CRAs) – to charge fees to CRAs in order to finance their supervision.

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Mediation process begins on private copying and reprography levies

António Vitorino, a former Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Portugal as well as a former European Commissioner responsible for Justice and Home Affairs, has launched the mediation process on private copying and reprography levies. This mediation was announced in May last year in the Commission's Communication on 'A Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights '. Commissioner Barnier has asked him to identify the best manner to achieve coherence, effectiveness and legitimacy in the implementation and application of the principles and legal framework underpinning private copying and reprography levies.

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Commissioner's visit to Lyon, April 20 2012

On the 20th anniversary of the Single Market, Commissioner Barnier took part in a discussion organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rhone-Alpes. Michel Barnier took stock of the internal market and presented its principal successes to entrepreneurs of the Rhone-Alpes region and to the Chairmen and CEOs of the seven CCI's regional association "IAB ALPMED ASBL". The Commissioner also presented the current actions for SMEs at European level, particularly in the context of the Single Market Act, aimed at boosting growth and competitiveness in Europe.

Commissioner's visit to Copenhagen, April 22-24 2012

Commissioner Barnier spoke at the 47th plenary meeting of the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union (COSAC). In his speech, entitled "A Single Market for Services - full implementation of the Service Directive" the Commissioner presented the actions undertaken within the Single market for the full implementation by Member States of the Service directive. The Commissioner said "The priority is not to extend the Services Directive, but to ensure that it applies in full to the sectors it covers. According to recent studies, the full application of the Services Directive could add 1.5 percentage points to European GDP by 2020" adding that "On top of transposition, we must also ensure the proper application on the ground of the Services Directive".

Conference organised by DG MARKT and the ECB on Financial Stability, Brussels, April 26 2012

Commissioner Barnier spoke at the conference on"The single EU financial market programme and the crisis – what was aimed for, where do we stand?". In his speech, the Commissioner presented the actions taken at European level in order to restore health and stability to the financial sector in the EU such as:

  • the creation of European supervisory authorities of banks, insurance companies and financial markets and the European Systemic Risk Council to monitor the evolution of risks and imbalances in the euro area.
  • the crisis highlighted the many "regulatory gaps" existing, for example regarding the hedge fund managers, rating agencies, short selling and credit default swaps. All these actors, technical and financial instruments are now supervised by European rules.
  • steps have been taken to restrict the risks and ethical problems posed by certain salaries and excessive bonuses in the financial sector and the Commission is ready to make new proposals if necessary.

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27.03.2012 - 19.06.2012 Banking Consultation on Access to a bank account by Erasmus and exchange students

20.03.2012 – 12.06.2012 Retail financial services Consultation on bank accounts

19.03.2012 – 01.06.2012 Financial Services Green paper shadow banking

20.02.2012 - 14.05.2012 Company Law Consultation on the future of European Company Law

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Strasbourg plenary week (April 17-20 2012)

  • President Barroso, accompanied by European Commission Vice-President Rehn and Commissioner Andor, participated in a plenary debate on the means to combat the economic crisis, especially in the Eurozone.
  • MEPs debated a new directive which primarily focuses on the rules applying to self-employed workers and to people working in the airline sector, on 18 April 2012.
  • MEPs adopted by a very large majority (473 to 174, 30 abstentions), on 19 April, a report by Marianne Thyssen (European People's Party, Belgium) on the proposal for a directive establishing a common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB) in the Union.
  • Stalled regional development projects in crisis-hit countries could be kick-started by sharing their investment risks between private and public investors, under plans voted by the MEPs on Thursday.

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Friday 4 May 2012
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