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Economic background, facts and figures

Services are one of the main drivers of the EU economy: they account for over two-thirds of EU GDP and employment and have been the source of all net job-creation in recent years. Although the Services Directive does not cover all service sectors, the sectors it applies to represent a share of around 40% of GDP and employment.

With its programme of administrative simplification, with the setting up of eGovernment portals for businesses ("Points of Single Contact") and with its expected dismantling of unnecessary red tape, the Services Directive is a crucial milestone in maximising the benefits of the Single Market for consumers and businesses alike. If fully implemented, it should have significantly positive effects, including:




  • Making the creation of companies less burdensome, saving time and money
  • Facilitating the cross-border provision of services
  • Giving consumers easier access to services.

Several economic studies point towards significant gains in terms of foreign direct investment, growth and job creation that can be expected, by all Member States, from the implementation of the Services Directive.

European Commission studies

External studies

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