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Reporting period: 01/2013 - 12/2013

Your Europe Advice


Your Europe Advice is an advice service on EU rights for everyone, provided by a network of legal experts in all Member States who work on the basis of a contract with the Commission. These lawyers cover all EU languages and are familiar with both EU law and national legislation.

Your Europe Advice provides personalised advice within one week, free of charge and in the language chosen by the user. Enquiries can be submitted either via an online form or by phone (00800 678 910 11).



More and more people turn to Your Europe Advice every year. They receive a reply from the Your Europe Advice lawyers within a week, free of charge and in the language of their choice.

  • The number of enquiries rose by 22 % from 2011 to 2012 and by 18 % compared to last year.

  • More and more enquiries arrive via the Your Europe website. This shows that the cascade system between Your Europe, Your Europe Advice and SOLVIT works well. Another important source of enquiries is the Europe Direct Contact Centre which transfers questions on EU law it receives via all its channels (e-mail, telephone and web chat) to Your Europe Advice, provided that the enquiries meet the its eligibility criteria. About 22 % of all questions replied to by Your Europe Advice come from the Europe Direct Contact Centre.

  • Enquiries are becoming more and more specific and partially more complicated.

  • Particular attention was paid to the quality of replies. This concerns not only legal accuracy, but especially user-friendliness of the replies (easily understandable and jargon-free language, links to legal provisions and, most importantly, signposting to relevant authorities).

A typical question people ask "Your Europe Advice"

A Belgian citizen had worked in France for four years and recently lost his job. He moved back to Belgium to look for new employment and wanted to know whether he would receive unemployment benefits from the French or the Belgian social security system.

The Your Europe Advice expert informed him that, as the country where he was last employed, France was competent to examine his right to unemployment benefits under its legislation, and that it was possible to transfer French unemployment benefits to Belgium for up to three months, possibly renewable once.


Facts and Figures

Total number of enquiries per year


In 2013, Your Europe Advice received 21 659 enquiries, nearly 3 300 more than in 2012.

 Enquiries by user profile


Not only professionally active people turn to Your Europe Advice. It is also used by jobseekers, pensioners and students.

 Enquiries by Member State


British, Italian and German citizens use Your Europe Advice the most.

 Enquiries by subject area


The main subject areas have stayed the same in comparison to previous years. They show where people's real problems with the Single Market lie.



  • In order to safeguard the high quality and speed of replies, quality controls will be intensified. The Your Europe Advice experts will receive training and updates on new EU legislation.
  • Cooperation with SOLVIT will be intensified. In particular, an automatic transfer mechanism from Your Europe Advice to SOLVIT has been put in place for enquiries which would benefit from a follow-up by SOLVIT.
  • The signposting to other assistance services will be improved, e.g. by setting up an automatic transfer mechanism for Your Europe Advice to the Europe Direct Contact Centre.