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    Reporting period: 01/2016 - 12/2016

    Your Europe


    The Your Europe portal seeks to help people and companies move and/or do business in the EU by providing clear information on their single market rights and signposting them to assistance services when needed.

    Putting user needs first, the multilingual portal has 2 separate sections: Citizens and Business.

    Content is provided by both EU institutions and national governments.

    EU governments can support this website in 2 important ways:

    • by contributing content to it (i.e. national rules implementing the single market)
    • by promoting it to their own citizens and businesses.



    [1] Answers received (by 31 January 2017) by the Editorial Board from their national administration, to requests for information for Your Europe
    [2] Attendance at 2 Editorial Board meetings during the reporting period
    [3] Traffic from government pages to Your Europe and promotional activity requested by members of the Editorial Board
    * Norway – participation in the business part of Your Europe only

    [1]request answered in fullsome answersnone
    [2]attended twiceattended once no attendance
    [3]both traffic & promotioneither traffic or reported promotionno traffic & no promotion


    A country's overall performance is calculated by assigning the following values to each of its 3 individual indicators:

    • red = 0,
    • yellow = 1
    • green = 2.

    The average is calculated and the appropriate colour assigned.

    This map shows the extent to which EU countries are contributing to Your Europe.

    As in previous years, Greece and Latvia are not cooperating on Your Europe, while Slovenia made some progress.

    *limited to visits from Member States and associated countries, excluding third countries

    Total visits (both sections): over 17.2m – 40% more than in the previous period

    Average visits per day: 47 200 (33 500 in 2015)

    Main sources for Citizens section:  Italy, UK, Germany (same as in 2015)

    Main sources for Business section:  Italy, Poland, UK (same as in 2015)



    • Your Europe-Citizens
      National content
      • New content on guarantees and returns and on parking cards for people with disabilities
      • Updated information on residence formalities
      EU content
      • New content on cross-border successions and data protection
      • Revamping of the residence, vehicles and family sections
      • New interactive features:
        • guidance tool for air passenger rights
        • simulator for documents required for a European Professional Card (EPC)
    • Your Europe-Business
      National content
      • New content on:
        • start-ups
        • excise duties
        • company tax
        • consumer guarantees
      EU content
      • New content on:
        • parent companies and their subsidiaries
        • resolving disputes
        • e-procurement
        • small claims
      • Improved content on a number of pages, including:
        • taxation
        • selling abroad
        • environment
        • finance and funding
        • product requirements
        • start and grow

    Facts and Figures

    • Use of the site is still growing fast – an average of 1,4 million monthly visits in this period (one million in the previous period)
    • Continued high level of satisfaction – 90%  'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' in online surveys


    • For the European Commission:
      • contributing to its corporate and political projects, namely the Digital Transformation of Europa pages and the Single Digital Gateway
      • improving EU and national content
      • keeping content focused on users' needs
      • increasing public awareness and enhancing visibility on the web
    • For Governments:
      • improving national content and links from national government pages
      • promoting Your Europe at national level