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Generic names of professions

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Generic name of professions in this database

The generic names of professions are headings under which the regulated professions in the respective countries are grouped together.

For example: The following regulated professions are grouped together under the generic name of "Tourist Guide":

Please note

The only authentic name of a regulated profession is that of the language of the country in which the profession is regulated. Any translation of this title on this website is purely indicative.

The generic professions aim to give an indication about the general scope of activities of the regulated professions and to help find regulated professions which are listed in the language of the country in which they are regulated. However, Member States are free to choose under which generic heading they insert their regulated professions and no assessment has been made of the areas of activity covered by each generic profession, therefore:

The search is made using the name of the profession (generic heading) in the language used to navigate this site.Therefore, if using the English version of this web site, the search will be made using the English name of the profession.
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Generic name of profession Number of regulated professions
Painter-decorator 12
Paralegal 1
Paramedic /Ambulance nurse/ Other ambulance professionals 18
Patent Agent / Trademark agent 21
Pedagogue-Counsellor 8
Perfusionist 3
Pest control /Disinfection/ Handling of poisonous or non poisonous products 7
Pesticide sprayer/Crop protection contractor 3
Petroleum industry - production and processing of fuels and lubricants 3
Pharmaceutical technician/Pharmaceutical assistant 21
Pharmacist 38
Photographer / Photography 4
Physicist 2
Physiotherapist 35
Planning and regional development engineer/physical planner 4
The database contains information on regulated professions, statistics on migrating professionals, contact points and competent authorities, as provided by EU Member States, EEA countries and Switzerland.
Each country is responsible for updating information on its regulated professions, competent authorities and statistics.
The Commission cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information. However, if errors are brought to its attention, the Commission undertakes to correct them, if deemed appropriate.