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Study: ”Evaluation of the Legal Framework for the Free Movement of Lawyers“

This study, carried out by Panteia and the University of Maastricht, evaluates the legal framework for the free movement of lawyers in the Single Market. In its assessment, it takes into account recent regulatory and market developments which affect the practice of the legal profession, the trends in the mobility of lawyers and the application of the Directives.

Publication: 06.05.2013

Study evaluating the Professional Qualifications Directive against recent educational reforms in EU Member States

This study, carried out by GHK Consulting, assesses whether and to what extent, recent education reforms add value to the recognition of professional qualifications. The study focuses on the impact of the Bologna process (degree cycles, credit systems, learning outcomes) and of the European Qualifications Framework on the different systems of recognition (general system and automatic recognition).

Publication: 31 October 2011

Study ”Providing the inventory of reserves of activities linked to professional qualifications in 13 EU Member States and assessing their economic impact“

This study, carried out by CSES (Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services), provides a comprehensive inventory of the current reserves of activities in three economic sectors (construction, business services, tourism) and 13 Member States. It also assesses the economic impacts of these reserved activities, notably in terms of market structure, productivity, turnover, and employment.

Publication: 14 February 2012