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Consultation on the access of third countries to the EU’s public procurement market – 07.06.2011

Public procurement represents a substantial part of the EU’s and other trading partners’ economies. In contrast to the EU’s policy favouring greater openness, many third countries are reluctant to (further) open their public procurement markets to international competition. This on-line consultation asked stakeholders for their views on a new policy on the access to the EU’s public procurement market. This consultation was closed on 02.08.2011.

Consultation on the modernisation of EU public procurement policy – 27.01.2011

Public procurement is confronted today with new challenges: high public deficits and thus the need for the most efficient use of public money but also the growing demand that public purchasing contributes to the achievement of overall societal goals (innovation, fighting climate change and promoting social inclusion). This consultation has launched a public debate on how legislation could be updated to help public procurers cope with these challenges. This consultation was closed on 18.04.2011.

Results of the consultation – 24.06.2011

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Consultation on an EU initiative on Concessions – 05.08.2010

This consultation was closed on 30.09.2010.

Results of the consultation

Background documents