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Golden Book of e-Procurement Good Practice


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Practice 1: Platforms automatically transmit all their notices to a single point of access for publication

Practice 2: Economic operators and contracting authorities benefit from affordable training plans

Practice 3: Platforms have communication plans in place to promote the use of e-Procurement

Practice 4: Economic operators can access and retrieve contract notices and tender specifications as anonymous users

Practice 5: Economic operators can register on the platform without having to provide country-specific information

Practice 6: Economic operators complete their registration on a platform by clicking an activation link sent by email

Practice 7: Platforms support English in addition to the official language(s) of the member state(s) where they operate

Practice 8: Economic operators can use a username and a password to log in to a platform

Practice 9: Economic operators can search contract notices using a set of search criteria

Practice 10: Economic operators can evaluate whether tender specifications are relevant for them based on information available in contract notices

Practice 11: Economic operators are notified of any changes to tender specifications

Practice 12: Platforms support automatic transmission of all types of notices to TED

Practice 13: Economic operators and contracting authorities can search CPV categories based on their code or their description

Practice 14: Contracting authorities can re-use information contained in their profile or in previous notices to create contract notices, tender specifications and award notices

Practice 15: Economic operators can choose to manually or electronically sign a submission report containing the hash value of each submitted document

Practice 16: Economic operators receive a proof of delivery upon successful submission of their tender

Practice 17: Economic operators can resubmit their tenders up until the submission deadline

Practice 18: Platforms keep tenders encrypted until the opening session

Practice 19: Contracting authorities can evaluate part of their tenders automatically based on pre-defined criteria

Practice 20: Platforms use European e-Signature validation services to validate e-Signatures during e-Submission

Practice 21: Platforms clearly indicate all costs related to use of the platform

Practice 22: Economic operators can create tenders using a core set of structured data and unstructured documents

Practice 23: Economic operators have the freedom to choose the platform of their preference without being locked in by the choice of the contracting authority

Practice 24: Platforms use standard specifications to structure their data and to promote interoperability