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Expert group on e-Tendering (e-TEG)

In 2012, the European Commission set up an informal expert group to develop a blue-print for common e-tendering/e-submission solutions.

The group, which started its activities on 12 January 2012, was tasked with defining a blueprint for pre-award e-procurement that ensures wide accessibility including cross-border, SME inclusiveness, wide interoperability, transparency, traceability and accountability.

Using this blueprint as the reference model, the expert group would present recommendations on actions to be taken to ensure homogeneous approaches in the roll-out of European e-procurement platforms and operations, whilst nonetheless preserving Member State autonomy to design solutions that best fit national requirements and can be integrated with any existing platforms.

The Expert Group have accomplished their task in February 2013. You can download the e-TEG report on the following links:

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The e-TEG report complements and integrates the Golden Book of e-procurement practices.

The two projects take different perspectives. The e-TEG recommendations are forward looking, as they are meant to influence the way e-procurement systems could be designed so as to reach an ideal situation. The Golden Book is identifying and analyzing only existing good practice, which was actually experienced by the consultant while using 30 e-procurement platforms. However the two projects, independently run, converged to homogeneous results.

Combined, the two reports (The Golden Book and the e-TEG report) address all procurement actors by offering practical means to assess the current state of their business and by providing guidelines for future development.

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