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Other Activities

A number of Community activities are being carried out in order to:

  • Support the implementation of the regulatory framework in the European Union (e.g. technical standardisation, quality of service). The Commission also maintains links with international bodies involved in the postal sector, such as the European Committee on Postal Regulation (CERP), in order to ensure a co-ordinated approach between policy initiatives at the Community and international levels. Close contacts are also maintained with organisations representing participants in the postal sector, such as PostEurop, the association of European public postal operators;
  • Enforce competition rules and support implementation of EU policy developments within the postal sector. The enforcement of the competition rules, the application of VAT and customs clearance procedures are other key responsibilities for the Commission;
  • Follow-up the postal industry developments in order to ensure that the evolution of the regulatory framework takes into account and copes with the latest industry developments;
  • Assist the candidate countries in relation to the EU enlargement framework (e.g. PHARE);
  • Maintain connections between European developments and relevant international institutions (e.g. Universal Postal Union, GATS).

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