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30.11.2009 Commission launches consultation on the Report of the Expert Group on e-Invoicing, MEX/09/1130
3.11.2009 SEPA: Cross-border direct debits now a reality, IP/09/1665
SEPA Direct Debit Launch – FAQ, MEMO/09/489
13.10.2009 SEPA: Speech of Commissioner McCreevy: SEPA Direct Debit launch, SPEECH/09/466
29.9.2009 SEPA: Commission consultation shows general support for end-date for SEPA migration, IP/09/1372
10.9.2009 SEPA: Commission presents actions to make SEPA a success, IP/09/1296
2.9.2009 SEPA: Speech of Elemér Terták on SEPA (EPC off-site) PDF - 31 KBEnglish
8.6.2009 SEPA: Commission launches consultation on possible end-date for Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) migration, IP/09/884
24.4.2009 European Commission welcomes the European Parliament's adoption of two proposals in the area of payments (on e‑money and cross-border payments), IP/09/637
20.4.2009 Commission sets up Payment Systems Market Expert Group, IP/09/601
24.3.2009 SEPA: Commission and ECB provide further clarification to ensure timely launch of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Direct Debit scheme, IP/09/468
5.2.2009 Commission Expert Group calls for removing barriers to electronic invoicing, MEX/09/0205
8.1.2009 Commission encourages applications for the new Payment Systems Market Expert Group, IP/09/17


15.10.2008 Commission proposes extension of rules on cross-border euro payments to direct debits, IP/08/1506
13.10.2008 Commission proposes clear legal framework for innovative payment solutions, IP/08/1491
4.9.2008 SEPA: Commission and ECB support launch of pan-European SEPA Direct Debit; provide guidance to industry, IP/08/1290
3.9.2008 SEPA: Speech of David Wright/Elemér Terták on SEPA (EPC off-site) PDF - 30 KBEnglish
21.8.2008 SEPA: Commission and ECB welcome clarifications on a SEPA-wide payment cards market, IP/08/1268
30.6.2008 SEPA: Joint statement by Commissioner Reding and Commissioner McCreevy on the cooperation agreement between the European Payments Council (EPC) and the GSMA on mobile payments, SPEECH/08/365
12.6.2008 Expert Group on e-Invoicing publishes a Status Report
28.4.2008 Payment security is key to improving consumer confidence in new payment services, says Commission report (IP/08/653)
26.2.2008 EU rules on cross-border euro payments should be extended, says Commission report, IP/08/305
28.1.2008 SEPA: Joint statement by the European Commission and European Central Bank welcoming the formal launch of SEPA payment instruments by EU banks, IP/08/98
Commission publishes major cost-benefit study, MEMO/08/52
21.1.2008 SEPA: 'SEPA Goes Live' – Official Launch of the Single Euro Payments Area, IP/08/66


21.12.2007 Study on user identification methods in card payments, e-payments and mobile payments (December 2007)
12.12.2007 Commission encourages swift and coherent implementation at national level, IP/07/1914
8.5.2007 SEPA: SEPA Conference
Speech of Commissioner McCreevy: SEPA an opportunity for Europe, SPEECH/07/291
24.4.2007 SEPA: Joint statement by the European Central Bank and the European Commission welcoming the European Parliament’s adoption of the Payment Services Directive, IP/07/550
27.3.2007 Charlie McCreevy, Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, welcomes progress made in ECOFIN Council on Payment Services Directive, IP/07/423
11.1.2007 Cross-border euro payments now significantly cheaper, IP/07/32
18.12.2006 Staff Working Document on the impact of Regulation (EC) No 2560/2001 on bank charges for national payments
8.12.2006 Regulation (EC) No 1781/2006 on information on the payer accompanying transfers of funds published
28.11.2006 SEPA: ECOFIN resolution, Press Release of the 2766th Council meeting, p.30, 15502/06
15.11.2006 Regulation (EC) No 1781/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on information on the payer accompanying transfers of funds adopted
13.11.2006 SEPA: Speech of Commissioner McCreevy: Time to deliver on SEPA, SPEECH/06/679
7.7.2006 Commission welcomes Parliament agreement on measures to tighten controls on money transfers, IP/06/957
4.5.2006 SEPA: European Commission & European Central Bank joint statement: Vision for SEPA
21.2.2006 SEPA: Commission consults industry on incentives for Single Euro Payments Area, MEX/06/0221
13.2.2006 SEPA: Consultation paper by Commission services: SEPA Incentives Paper 2006


1.12.2005 Commission adoption of a proposal for a Directive on New Legal Framework (NLF) for Payments
27.10.2005 Consultation Paper by Commission services on Regulation (EC) No 2560/2001 - Cross-border payments
19.10.2005 Consultative document by Commission Services on Regulation (EC) No 2560/2001
Study on the impact of Regulation 2560/2001 on bank charges for national payments
Study of competition for cross-border payment services
26.7.2005 Commission proposes new measures to tighten controls on money transfers
14.7.2005 Commission launches reviews of E-Money and Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directives, IP/05/930
2.3.2005 Data protection: New guidelines on payment card fraud prevention databases


25.10.2004 Fraud and counterfeiting – Action Plans to prevent fraud and counterfeiting of non-cash means of payment
8.10.2004 Call for Tender – Study on bank charges in the internal market
21.9.2004 The results of the on-line consultation on a single EU number to block lost and stolen payment cards (Card Stop Europe) are now available
10.5.2004 Electronic money: Commission consults on how the E-Money Directive applies to mobile phone services
26.3.2004 New legal framework for payments: publication of contributions to COM(2003)718 final
10.3.2004 Note on practical aspects of the implementation of Article 3 of Regulation (EC) No 2560/2001 and the notion of "corresponding payments" for credit transfers
1.3.2004 Card Stop Europe - Electronic payments: Commission seeks views on single European telephone number to report lost and stolen cards


2.12.2003 Communication on a New Legal Framework for Payments in the Internal Market
2.12.2003 Commission seeks views of consumers and businesses on cross-border payments
18.9.2003 Commission conference and study highlight security issues and assess public perception
16.9.2003 Speech by F. Bolkestein: Facing the challenge of maintaining user confidence (Opening address at the European Commission Conference Payments and Confidence Brussels)
26.6.2003 EU Regulation aligns charges for cross-border transfers in euros
25.6.2003 Conference on Payments and Confidence, Brussels, 16 September 2003


27.6.2002 New EU rules mean cheaper cash withdrawals and bank card payments abroad
27.11.2001 Commission welcomes Council’s political agreement on cross-border payments proposal
15.11.2001 Commission welcomes Parliament’s support for proposal on cross-border payments in euros
20.9.2001 New Commission study confirms persistent high charges – conclusions of the study
19.2.2001 Commission unveils plans to tackle payment card fraud and counterfeiting


10.11.2000 SEPA: Commission pledges to use full powers to create a Single Payment Area
9.11.2000 SEPA: Establishing a Single Payment Area – Organisation of a Round Table
Speech of Commissioner Bolkestein: Establishing a Single Payment area, SPEECH/00/424
23.5.2000 Commission urges banks and Member States to cut costs
4.2.2000 Commission urges banks to improve cross-frontier payment systems
5.2.1999 Commission steps up ongoing action after introduction of the euro


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