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Card Stop Europe


The aim of this action is to analyse the feasibility of a single phone number in the EU for the notification of lost/stolen payment cards.

The Fraud Prevention Action Plan called all parties to permanently review their practices and procedures, with a view to discontinue or change those that may offer opportunities for fraudulent behaviour. One important objective is the improvement of the notification procedures for lost or stolen payment cards.

At present many "blocking numbers" to report lost and stolen cards exist in Europe. Several different numbers often co-exist within the same country. This situation does not enhance the efficiency of the notification process and increases the likelihood of misuse.

Remembering which number to call to report lost and stolen cards may be difficult if the person owns more cards, and even more difficult when travelling abroad or when in a situation of distress (eg after being victim of a violent attack).

The notification of the loss or theft of a card is very important for consumers, who normally cease to be liable for the losses incurred by the banks after the notification. Prompt notification is equally important for banks, which can take action to stop their losses. Mechanisms for prompt notification should therefore be available.

EU citizens might benefit from a single “Card Stop” phone number at EU level, which should be easy to remember (a short number or a number with mnemonic value) and should not replace existing systems. Instead, the calls made to this number should be routed to existing schemes/banks for the blocking.

The Commission is analysing the feasibility of a single number with the help of an informal Group of national and international “card stop” service providers and telecommunication companies (Card Stop Europe Group). The works of the Group are still in progress.

Public consultation

The IPM on-line survey aims at receiving the views of EU citizens on existing card blocking services and on the usefulness of introducing a new pan-European service.

Closed consultation (30.4.2004)

Background documents

12.2003 Eurobarometer Survey on Card Stop Europe

A survey based on interviews with EU citizens (Eurobarometer) on the effectiveness of a new single phone number to report lost and stolen cards was conducted in all EU countries in December 2003.

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