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Conference : "Payments & Confidence"
How to boost security and fight risk
Brussels, 16 September 2003

This Conference aimed to improve information on the security of modern payment products and systems in the Internal Market, and to discuss the security approach to enhance public trust and confidence in electronic payments.

The Conference was a priority action under the Fraud Prevention Action Plan. About 400 participants were attending representing stakeholders from different EU institutions, national authorities and central banks, payment providers, retailers and consumer organisations.

Commission conference and study highlight security issues and assess public perception


Programme    PDF - 128 KBDeutschEnglishFrançais
Conference Opening 10h00 / 11h10
Opening address by Internal Market Commissioner Frits BOLKESTEIN English
"The views of the European Parliament", by Mr. Gerhard Schmid, MEP PDF 27 KBDeutsch
"The views of the Eurosystem", by Ms. Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell, European Central Bank PDF 35 KBEnglish
Consumer Confidence and Expectations 11h30 / 12h20
"The expectations of the consumers", by Mrs. Reine-Claude Mader, CLCV PDF 61 - 63 KBEnglishFrançais
"Consumers' perception on e-payments and consumer information on security in the European Union", by Mr Tony Hegarty, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers  PDF 351 KBEnglish
The Security of Card Payments 12h20 / 13h00
"The security of chip cards", by Mr. Matt Robshaw, University of London PDF 36 KBEnglish
"The migration to EMV chip cards in the EU", by Mr. Peter Hoch, MasterCard Int Europe PDF 300 KBEnglish
The Security of Remote Electronic Payments 14h30 / 15h40
"The security of card-based payments on the Internet", by Mr. Hans van der Velde, VISA Int European Union PDF 55 KBEnglish
"The security of e-banking and of fund transfers over the Internet", by Mr. Bo Harald, NORDEA Plc PDF 651 KBEnglish
"The security of mobile payments", by Mr. Tim Jones, Simpay Ltd PDF 135 KBEnglish
The Implementation of a Security Approach in the EU 16h00 / 16h45
"The level of security and the practical implementation of security", by Mr Tony Hegarty, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers PDF 119 KBEnglish
"The views of the retail sector on the implementation of security", by Mr. John Simpson, British Retail Consortium PDF 65 KBEnglish
Conclusions 16h45 / 17h30
Concluding speech by David BYRNE, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection English
Concluding speech by Gerhard HARTSINK, Chairman, European Payment Council PDF 65 KBEnglish

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