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SEPA Council

This body ensures that all stakeholders are properly involved in the governance of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) at EU-level.

The SEPA Council comprises representatives of providers and users of payment services.

For more information, see Completing SEPA: a Roadmap for 2009–2012.

Members and mandates

The SEPA Council is co-chaired by representatives of the European Commission and European Central Bank and composed ofpdf Choose translations of the previous link  :

  • 5 representatives from the user side of the market (consumers, retailers, businesses and national authorities)
  • 5 representatives from the supplier side (European Payments Council, cooperative banks, saving banks, commercial banks and payment institutions)
  • 4 national central bank board members (representing the Eurosystem).

The SEPA Council’s mandatepdf Choose translations of the previous link  is to:

  • promote the realisation of the SEPA vision and provide a strategic direction for EU retail payments
  • monitor and support the SEPA migration process
  • ensure accountability and transparency in the SEPA process.


The SEPA Council meets twice a year.

23.09.20136th meeting in Frankfurt 
25.06.20125th meeting in Brussels
06.02.20124th meeting in Frankfurt
3rd meeting in Brussels
09.12.20102nd meeting in Frankfurt


1st meeting in Brussels