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April 2014

European Parliament adopts the updated rules for Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II) (STATEMENT/14/129)
15.04.2014Investment Funds
Greater protection for retail investors: Commission welcomes European Parliament adoption of strengthened European rules on UCITS (STATEMENT/14/121)
15.04.2014Retail financial services
The right investment to suit your needs: basic information leaflet will help retail investors make the right choice (STATEMENT/14/122)
15.04.2014Retail financial services
European Parliament adopts the Directive on payment accounts (STATEMENT/14/123)
Improving corporate governance: Europe’s largest companies will have to be more transparent about how they operate (STATEMENT/14/124)
09.04.2014Company Law
European Commission proposes to strengthen shareholder engagement and introduce a "say on pay" for Europe’s largest companies (IP/14/396)
09.04.2014Services Directive
The High Level Group on Business Services publishes its final report (IP/14/393)
07.04.2014Free movement of professionals
The European Commission publishes a consultation on introducing the European Professional Card (EPC) for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, engineers, mountain guides and real estate agents.
04.04.2014Public Procurement
The European Commission welcomes the entry into force on 6 April 2014 of the revised GPA concluded in December 2011 (IP/14/381)
03.04.2014Internal Market
Single Market News Issue 68 is online
The European Parliament approved the preliminary agreement on a revised Directive and a new Regulation on statutory audit (STATEMENT/14/104)
02.04.2014Retail financial services
European Parliament and Council back Commission’s proposal on a Key Information Document covering retail investments (STATEMENT/14/94)
New companies join the fight against illegal online sale of counterfeit goods (MEX/14/401)

March 2014

31.03.2014Services Directive
The European Commission adopted today two working documents and an implementing decision in the area of services and e-signatures
31.03.2014Financial Markets Infrastructure
OTC Derivatives Regulators Group: Report to the FSB Plenary on Cross-border implementation issuespdf Choose translations of the previous link 
28.03.2014Public Procurement
On 28 March, new EU rules on public procurement and concessions were published in the EU Official Journal. The legislative package will enter into force on 17 April. Member States will then have 24 months to implement the provisions into national law. (MEX/14/328)
28.03.2014Financial Services
EU-Japan High Level Meeting on Financial Issues (MEX/14/328)
Commission urges Italy to respect EU rules on copyright protection of designs (MEMO/14/241)
27.03.2014Occupational pensions, Financial Services
The European Commission adopts a package of measures on long-term investment (IP/14/320)
27.03.2014Financial Services
The European Commission adopted a Communication on crowdfunding. The objective of this Communication is to unleash the potential of crowdfunding within the EU by developing, in cooperation with stakeholders, a common understanding at EU level and preparing the ground for possible future actions. (IP/14/320)
20.03.2014Financial Services
European Parliament and Council back Commission’s proposal for a Single Resolution Mechanism: a major step towards completing the banking union (STATEMENT/14/77)
20.03.2014Retail financial services
European Parliament and Council back Commission proposal on right of citizens to a basic bank account (STATEMENT/14/75)
The Commission adopts nine Regulatory Technical Standards (RTSs) to implement the single rule book in banking (IP/14/255)
13.03.2014Company Law
European Parliament backs Commission proposal for the EU co-financing of the IFRS Foundation, the EFRAG and the PIOB (STATEMENT/14/69)
The European Parliament adopted in plenary the “Omnibus II” Directive that completes the “Solvency II” Directive and finalises the new framework for insurance regulation and supervision in the EU (STATEMENT/14/61)
11.03.2014Public Procurement
The European Parliament has today backed with a substantial majority the European Commission’s proposal to modernise Europe’s rules on e-invoicing in public procurement (STATEMENT/14/62)
04.03.2014Company Law, Banking
Commission adopts technical standards for the identification of material risk takers subject to the rules on remuneration in the Capital Requirement Directive (CRD IV) (IP/14/210)
03.03.2014Public Procurement
Vice President Tajani and Commissioner Barnier co-host a high-level conference on the defence industry and markets in Brussels on 4 March (MEMO/14/148)

February 2014

28.02.2014Internal Market
The European Commission’s online Single Market Scoreboard has been updated as regards two main governance tools: transposition of Single Market-related directives and infringements (IP/14/205)
The European Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement on the European Commission’s proposed Directive to amend the existing accounting legislation in order to improve the transparency of certain large companies on social, environmental and diversity matters (STATEMENT/14/29)
25.02.2014Investment Funds
European Parliament and Council back Commission proposal for strengthened European rules on UCITS (STATEMENT/14/27)
19.02.2014Internal Market
Preparation of the Competitiveness Council of 20-21 February 2014 (MEMO/14/118)
Representatives of the European art market commit to improving how the author resale right is managed (MEX/14/0214)
12.02.2014Financial Markets Infrastructure
Statement by the CFTC and the European Commission on progress relating to the implementation of the 2013 Path Forward Statement (STATEMENT/14/5)
The European Parliament endorses the Commission’s proposal for a Directive on criminal sanctions for market abuse (MEMO/14/77)
The European Parliament adopted the Directive on collective rights management (MEMO/14/80)
04.02.2014Payment services
The European Parliament approved the transition period of 6 month for the migration towards SEPA (MEMO/14/81)
Commissioner Barnier prolongs Philippe Maystadt’s mission as Special advisor with a view to ensuring adequate and timely follow-up of EFRAG reform (IP/14/110)
04.02.2014Financial Services
The Mortgage Credit Directive on credit agreements for consumers relating to residential immovable property has been adopted

January 2014

30.01.2014Financial Markets Infrastructure
US-EU Financial Markets Regulatory Dialogue: Joint statement
29.01.2014Financial Services, Banking
The European Commission has proposed new rules to stop the biggest and most complex banks from engaging in the risky activity of proprietary trading. The Commission has also adopted accompanying measures aimed at increasing transparency of certain transactions in the shadow banking sector. (IP/14/85)
24.01.2014Public Procurement
The European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on a draft directive on e-invoincing in public procurement. (MEMO/14/59)
21.01.2014Social Business
The Conference “Taking Action: Promotion of Employee Share Ownership – Debating concrete policy options” – 30 January in Brussels will focus on the following issues: What kind of policy initiatives can help to promote employee ownership and participation? and Learning from best practices: Debating examples and possibilities – reflecting on possible improvements on the basis of current best practices and existing challenges.
Commission awarded the contract for the study to take stock of and to assess the effects of using international financial reporting standards (IFRS) in the EU to Mazars in consortium with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).
Commissioner Barnier opens high-level group on retail competitiveness (SPEECH/14/25)
15.01.2014Social Business
On 16 and 17 January 2014, the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the City of Strasbourg will host a large European interactive event on social entrepreneurship and the social economy. The two-day event will be broadcast live via web streaming. (IP/14/20)
15.01.2014Public Procurement
The European Parliament adopts the new rules on public procurement and concession contracts (MEMO/14/18)
The European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on updated rules for markets in financial instruments. (MEMO/14/15)
09.01.2014Payment services
Deadline for SEPA migration: Commission introduces an additional transition period of six months (until 01.08.2014) (IP/14/06)
Draft Implementing Technical Standards with regard to supervisory reporting of institutions according to regulation (EU) No 575/2013