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July 2014

Report on the responses to the Public Consultation on the Review of the EU Copyright Rules has been publishedpdf Choose translations of the previous link 
17.07.2014Internal Market
Single Market Scoreboard: EU countries are dismantling barriers to the European single market (IP/14/844)
Commission wants to tackle unfair practices in the food supply chain (IP/14/831)
15.07.2014Industrial Property
Green Paper on Geographical Indication protection at EU level for non-agricultural products (IP/14/832)
14.07.2014Gambing > News
The European Commission adopted the Recommendation on principles for the protection of consumers and players of online gambling services and the prevention of minors from gambling. (IP/14/828)
11.07.2014Financial Services
EU and US meet to discuss their shared interest in implementing and enforcing robust financial standards, including those on the G20 financial regulatory agendapdf(143 KB) Choose translations of the previous link 
11.07.2014Company Law
The Commission launched a public consultation on the potential economic consequences of country-by-country reporting under Directive 2013/36/EU (Capital Requirements Directive or CRD) (EXME 14 / 11.07)
Commission requests France, Poland and Romania to apply EU rules (MEMO/14/470)
10.07.2014Financial Services, Infringements
Commission requests United Kingdom to apply EU rules (MEMO/14/470)
10.07.2014Free movement of professionals, Infringements
Commission asks Austria to fully comply with EU rules (MEMO/14/470)
10.07.2014Public Procurement, Infringements
Commission requests Austria to apply EU rules (MEMO/14/470)
10.07.2014Public Procurement, Infringements
Commission refers Greece to Court for non-compliance with EU procurement rules (IP/14/807)
10.07.2014Banking, Financial Services
The European Commission is looking for suitable candidates to fill in the posts of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and four other permanent Members of the Single Resolution Board (MEMO/14/475)
07.07.2014Company Law
Member States transposed the first set of obligations of Directive 2012/17/EU on interconnection of business registers (EXME 14 / 07.07)
02.07.2014Banking, Financial Services
The Court of Auditors publishes a special report: “European banking supervision taking shape – EBA and its changing context” (STATEMENT/14/215)
01.07.2014Enforcement of intellectual property rights
The European Commission adopted today two communications – an Action Plan to address infringements of intellectual property rights in the EU and a Strategy for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) in third countries (IP/14/760)

June 2014

26.06.2014Company Law
New EU rules to strengthen regulation and transparency of remuneration in banks and investment firms in the European Union have entered into force (EXME 14 / 26.06)
The Commission launched a public consultation on the equivalence of third country regimes regarding the country by country reporting by extractive and forestry industries
25.06.2014Banking, Financial Services
The European Commission is looking for suitable candidates to fill in temporary agents posts at the Single Resolution Board
24.06.2014Public Procurement
The European Commission has today presented a roadmap for measures to strengthen the Single Market for defence, to promote a more competitive defence industry and to foster synergies between civil and military research. (IP/14/718)
24.06.2014Services Directive
The European Commission published a questionnaire which aims at providing it with experience-based evidence of the remaining obstacles to a fully functioning Single Market for services.
20.06.2014Banking, Financial Services
The European Commission launched a consultation on the contributions of credit institutions to resolution financing arrangements (IP/14/706)
Workshop on the establishment of retail outlets – 8 July 2014
18.06.2014Company Law
An agreement on the anti-money laundering package was reached at today’s meeting of the Permanent Representatives’ Committee (Coreper) in the Council (STATEMENT/14/197)
New legislation (Directive 2014/56/EU and Regulation 537/2014) to improve the quality of statutory audit across the EU has now entered into force (EXME 14 / 16.06)
Today, the Directive on the Recovery and Resolution of Credit Institutions and Investment Firms (BRRD) and the recast Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes (DGS) have been published in the EU Official Journal (EXME 14 / 12.06)
Today, the Directive on markets in financial instruments (MiFID 2) repealing Directive 2004/39/EC and the Regulation on markets in financial instruments (MiFIR) were published in the EU Official Journal (EXME 14 / 12.06)
Today, Regulation No 596/2014 on market abuse (market abuse regulation) and Directive 2014/57/EU on criminal sanctions for market abuse (market abuse directive), were published in the EU Official Journal (EXME 14 / 12.06)
The European Banking Authority (EBA) launched the Interactive Single Rulebook, an on-line tool designed to facilitate navigation through the single set of harmonised prudential rules in the EU banking sector. It provides a comprehensive compendium of the level one text for both the Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (CRR) and the Directive 2013/36/EU (CRD), the corresponding technical standards developed by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and adopted by the European Commission (RTS and ITS), as well as the EBA guidelines and related Q&As. The Single Rulebook aims at ensuring consistent application of the regulatory banking framework across the EU.
The Commission adopted a report to the European Parliament and Council on legal Obstacles to the Free Movement of Funds between institutions within a single Liquidity sub-group (Reports on CRD IV)
The Commission adopted 3 new Implementing Technical Standards
The Commission adopted 2 new Regulatory Technical Standards

May 2014

The deadline for application for the Expert group on the evaluation of the IAS Regulation has been extended to 3 June 2014
The Official Journal of the European Union published the amending Directive and the new Regulation on statutory audit
26.05.2014Industrial Property
The Danish voted yesterday in a referendum in favour of joining the Unified Patent Court (UPC) (STATEMENT/14/172)
26.05.2014Enforcement of intellectual property rights
The Council of the European Union takes position on the trade secrets draft-Directive (Press release of the Councilpdf)
16.05.2014Financial Services
Response to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) request for action plans to reduce reliance on Credit Rating Agency Ratings
15.05.2014Financial Services
European Commission presents a first comprehensive review of the financial regulation agenda (IP/14/564)
08.05.2014Free movement of professionals
European Commission publishes European map of regulated professions (IP/14/537)
05.05.2014Financial Services
The Commission adopted today a report addressed to the European Parliament and the Council on the feasibility of a network of smaller credit rating agencies in the EU. (MEX/14/0505)

April 2014

European Union signs Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate access to books for visually impaired persons (EXME 14 / 30.04)
The Commission is calling for applications with a view to selecting members of the Expert Group on the evaluation of the IAS Regulationpdf(44 KB) Choose translations of the previous link . They shall be sent to the address
The Commission launches a consultation on its strategy on CSR 2011-2014: achievements, shortcomings and future challenges (IP/14/491)
The Commission adopted today five implementing decisions which confirm that the rules in place on credit rating agencies in Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico and Singapore are equivalent to the EU rules on credit rating agencies (MEX/14/0428)
28.04.2014Financial Markets Infrastructure
Financial integration and stability in a new financial architecture – Joint conference of the European Central Bank and the European Commission (Live video stream during the conference) (MEX/14/0428)
Commission adopts an implementing technical standard with regard to supervisory reporting of institutions according to regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (EXME 14 / 16.04)
16.04.2014Public Procurement, Infringements
Commission asks Sweden to fully comply with EU rules (MEMO/14/293)
16.04.2014Free movement of professionals, Infringements
Commission urges Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and Romania to fully implement EU rules (MEMO/14/293)
The European Parliament adopts the updated rules for Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID 2) (STATEMENT/14/129)
15.04.2014Investment Funds
Greater protection for retail investors: Commission welcomes European Parliament adoption of strengthened European rules on UCITS (STATEMENT/14/121)
15.04.2014Retail financial services
The right investment to suit your needs: basic information leaflet will help retail investors make the right choice (STATEMENT/14/122)
15.04.2014Retail financial services
European Parliament adopts the Directive on payment accounts (STATEMENT/14/123)
Improving corporate governance: Europe’s largest companies will have to be more transparent about how they operate (STATEMENT/14/124)
15.04.2014Banking, Financial Services
Finalising the Banking Union: European Parliament backs Commission’s proposals (Single Resolution Mechanism, Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive, and Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive) (STATEMENT/14/119)
15.04.2014Financial Markets Infrastructure
The European Parliament adopted the Regulation on securities settlement and CSDs proposed by the Commission on March 2012 (STATEMENT/14/130)
09.04.2014Company Law
European Commission proposes to strengthen shareholder engagement and introduce a "say on pay" for Europe’s largest companies (IP/14/396)
09.04.2014Services Directive
The High Level Group on Business Services publishes its final report (IP/14/393)
07.04.2014Free movement of professionals
The European Commission publishes a consultation on introducing the European Professional Card (EPC) for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, engineers, mountain guides and real estate agents.
04.04.2014Public Procurement
The European Commission welcomes the entry into force on 6 April 2014 of the revised GPA concluded in December 2011 (IP/14/381)
03.04.2014Internal Market
Single Market News Issue 68 is online
The European Parliament approved the preliminary agreement on a revised Directive and a new Regulation on statutory audit (STATEMENT/14/104)
02.04.2014Retail financial services
European Parliament and Council back Commission’s proposal on a Key Information Document covering retail investments (STATEMENT/14/94)
New companies join the fight against illegal online sale of counterfeit goods (MEX/14/401)