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December 2014

The Commission adopted 2 new Implementing Technical Standards
Capital requirements against exposures in third countries: Commission adopts “equivalence” decision (IP/14/2601)
European Commission extends transitional period for capital requirements for exposures to central counterparties
Winding-up proceedings — Decision (Order ECC/1866 of 24 September 2014) to commence winding-up proceedings concerning the entity “CORPORACION DIRECTA DE ASISTENCIA INTEGRAL DE SEGUROS, S.A.” – OJ C 438 of 6/12/2014
Basel Regulatory Consistency Assessment of Basel III implementation: statement by the European Commission (STATEMENT/14/2403)
Insurance stress test: European Commission emphasises need for full and rapid implementation of the “Solvency II” insurance regulatory regime – Statement by Commissioner Hill (STATEMENT/14/2261)

November 2014

26.11.2014Investment Funds, Infringements
Infringements: The Commission urges Latvia, Poland and Spain to provide notice of full compliance with regulatory standards for alternative investment fund managers (MEMO/14/2130)
Commissioner Hill welcomes the ECB’s new role as Single Supervisor in the Banking Union. Watch the video “What is the Banking Union?”. (IP/14/1360)

October 2014

30.10.2014Financial Markets Infrastructure
First 'equivalence' decisions for central counterparty regulatory regimes (IP/14/1228)
30.10.2014Company Law, Banking, Accounting, Banking and Finance
European Commission assesses economic consequences of country-by-country reportingToday the Commission adopted a report containing a general assessment of the economic consequences of country-by-country reporting by banks and investment firms under Article 89 of the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV). (IP/14/1229)
29.10.2014Company Law
Study "The Promotion of Employee Ownership and Participation" (EXME 14 / 29.10)
28.10.2014Services Directive
Commission welcomes improved situation for clients of car rental companies (IP/14/1209)
Commission adopts detailed rules on contributions of banks to resolution funds (IP/14/1181)
Commission asks Cyprus and the Luxembourg to fully comply with EU rules (MEMO/14/589)
16.10.2014Free movement of capital, Infringements
Commission asks Hungary to fully comply with EU rules (IP/14/1152)
16.10.2014Gambling > Infringements
Commission asks Sweden to fully comply with EU rules (IP/14/1150)
16.10.2014Public Procurement, Infringements
Commission asks Italy to fully comply with EU rules on public contracts (MEMO/14/589)
16.10.2014Public Procurement, Infringements
Commission asks Italy to fully comply with EU rules on motorway contracts (MEMO/14/589)
16.10.2014Banking, Infringements
Commission asks Cyprus , Italy , Lithuania , Poland , Portugal and Slovenia to fully comply with EU rules (MEMO/14/589)
16.10.2014Investment Funds, Infringements
Commission asks Lithuania, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia to fully comply with EU rules (MEMO/14/589)
The European Commission adopted today delegated acts under the Capital Requirements Regulation (IP/14/1119)
The European Commission adopted today delegated acts under the Solvency II Directive (IP/14/1119)

September 2014

30.09.2014Retail financial services
Live chat on mortgages and bank accounts: read the questions and answers here.
29.09.2014Postal services
The final report of the "Design and development of initiatives to support the growth of e-commerce via better functioning parcel delivery systems in Europe" (WIK Consult, August 2014) have been posted on our website, see studies.
The European Commission welcomes today’s adoption by the Council of the Directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by large companies and groups. (STATEMENT/14/291)
25.09.2014Free movement of capital, Infringements, Banking, Infringements
Bulgaria must allow bank customers to access their money (IP/14/1041)
25.09.2014Services, Infringements
Commission urges Bulgaria to fully implement EU rules (MEMO/14/537)
Workshop on the establishment of retail outlets of 8 July 2014: the summary report is available
High Level Group on Retail Competitiveness: minutes of the 2nd meeting
24.09.2014Banking and Finance
Competitiveness Council – Brussels, 25-26 September (MEMO/14/538)
24.09.2014Industrial Property
Publication of the lists of Community trade mark courts and Community design courts (OJ 2014/C 332/06)
The results of the two studies launched in November 2013 related to the prevention and fight against betting-related match-fixing have been finalised
16.09.2014Public Procurement
The Commission adopted proposals for a Council Decisions on the accession of Montenegro and New Zealand to the Agreement on Government Procurement
16.09.2014Enforcement of intellectual property rights
The European Commission has set up an expert group on the enforcement of intellectual property rights.
08.09.2014Company Law
The Commission services launches a consultation on cross-border mergers and divisions (EXME 14 / 08.09)
04.09.2014Public Procurement
Call for applications: Forum Vergabe awards 5,000 € for best scientific paper on procurement law
The Commission services published “Questions and answers” in order to facilitate the implementation of the new EU regulatory framework on statutory audit, and contribute to a consistent application of the new framework across the Union