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February 2015

The Commission launches a consultation on the Prospectus Directive with a view to making it easier for companies (including SMEs) to raise capital throughout the EU while ensuring effective investor protection (IP/15/4433)
18.02.2015Securities, Financial Markets
The Commission launches a public consultation on an EU framework for simple, transparent and standardised securitisation (IP/15/4433)
EU Council backs European Commission proposal to fight against the manipulation of financial benchmarks (IP/15/4422)
03.02.2015Financial Markets
Derivatives: Commission recommends pension funds benefit from a further two year exemption from clearing obligations (IP/15/3643)

December 2014

A single rulebook for the resolution of failing banks will apply in the EU as of 1 January 2015 (IP/14/2862)
The Commission adopted 2 new Implementing Technical Standards
Capital requirements against exposures in third countries: Commission adopts “equivalence” decision (IP/14/2601)
European Commission extends transitional period for capital requirements for exposures to central counterparties
Winding-up proceedings — Decision (Order ECC/1866 of 24 September 2014) to commence winding-up proceedings concerning the entity “CORPORACION DIRECTA DE ASISTENCIA INTEGRAL DE SEGUROS, S.A.” – OJ C 438 of 6/12/2014
Basel Regulatory Consistency Assessment of Basel III implementation: statement by the European Commission (STATEMENT/14/2403)
Insurance stress test: European Commission emphasises need for full and rapid implementation of the “Solvency II” insurance regulatory regime – Statement by Commissioner Hill (STATEMENT/14/2261)