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December 2005

Date Theme Subject  
22.12.2005 Industrial property Commission proposes linking of EU design registration system with WIPO international system (IP/05/1691)  
  Economic Reform EU driven reforms of services of general interest benefit consumers and improve performance (IP/05/1690)  
  Motor insurance Commission report on motor insurance issues (Midday Express)  
21.12.2005 Infringements Infringement proceedings regarding pharmacies in Italy and road testing in Germany; closure of cases against Italy, France, Belgium and Greece (IP/05/1665)  
  Infringements Infringement proceedings against Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg (IP/05/1663)  
20.12.2005 Company Law and  Corporate Governance Consultation on future priorities for the Action Plan  (IP/05/1639)  
  Infringements Commission asks Luxembourg to change the provisions of the ASTRA satellites concession contract which give it the right to block certain shareholdings in SES Astra and SES Global (IP/05/1636)  
  Infringements Infringement procedures against Portugal, Greece and France; closure of case against Italy (IP/05/1635)  
  Financial Services Commission granted authority to negotiate international convention on holding securities (IP/05/1637)  
16.12.2005 E-Commerce

Site on Europa totally revised and reorganized - See the site

  Speech of C. McCreevy Towards a Better Regulated European Capital Market  
15.12.2005 Financial reporting Commission welcomes Parliament�s support for strengthened accounting rules and easing burdens on small companies (IP/05/1617)  
  Securities trading Commission evaluation of Settlement Finality Directive (IP/05/1613)  
14.12.2005 Infringements Commission opens an infringement procedure against Italy on the issue of acquisition of stakes in domestic banks (IP/05/1595)  
  Infringements Commission asks Portugal to submit its observations on special rights held by Portugal in Portugal Telecom (IP/05/1594)  
  Infringements Public procurement: infringement procedures against Spain, Italy and Sweden (IP/05/1598)  
  Infringements Football clubs: France warned over ban on stock market listing (IP/05/1592)  
  Auditing "European Group of Auditors' Oversight Bodies" created (IP/05/1596)  
12.12.2005 Intellectual Property Evaluation of EU rules on databases (IP/05/1567)  
  Speech of C. McCreevy Ireland: Making the Most of the Internal Market  
09.12.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Recent Developments in the Internal Market for Financial Services and Financial Reporting  
  Accounting Commission and Accounting Regulatory Committee (ARC) approve standard formulation for compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards as adopted by the EU  
  Reinsurance Publication of the Directive 2005/68/EC  
08.12.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy The Commission Policy on Mortgage Credit  
  Banking Call for technical advice from the CEBS on large exposures  
06.12.2005 Defence Procurement New Commission initiatives on more open and efficient defence procurement (IP/05/1534)  
  Financial markets Second meeting of the re-established Inter-institutional Monitoring Group (IP/05/1532)  
  Financial Services Second meeting of the Inter-institutional Monitoring Group  
05.12.2005 Council Eurogroup and Council of Economics and Finance Ministers of 5 and 6.12.2005 - Preparation  
  FIN-USE Documents Opinion on the European Commission Green Paper on the enhancement of the EU framework for investment funds  
  Securities and Investment Funds Creation of two investment fund advisory groups (IP/05/1531)  
  Financial Services EU financial services policy for the next five years (IP/05/1529)  
  Financial Crime Lawyers and notaries invited to give their views on anti-money laundering obligations (IP/05/1528)  
02.12.2005 Financial Services European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Committee - Meeting on 02.12.2005  
01.12.2005 Single Payments Area Pay anywhere in the EU as you would do at home (IP/05/1514)  
  Speech of C. McCreevy EC Strategy on Financial Reporting: progress on convergence and consistency  
  Access to medicines Commission welcomes agreement on compulsory licensing for export of patented medicine to countries in need (IP/05/1523)  

November 2005

Date Theme Subject  
30.11.2005 Single Market News The English version on SMN 39 is on line  
30.11.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Stock market consolidation and security markets regulation in Europe  
29.11.2005 Company Law Cross-border mergers Directive adopted and published (IP/05/1487)  
  Speech of C. McCreevy Stocktaking on industrial and intellectual property  
28.11.2005 Speech of A. Schaub The European Commission's financial services policy until 2010 and future projects  
25.11.2005 Council Competitiveness Council 28-29.11.2005 - Preparation  
24.11.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Postal Services and the Internal Market  
  Speech of C. McCreevy The EU Mortgage Credit Market � The Commission perspective  
  The International Accounting Standards Commission Regulation (EC) No 1910/2005  


Freedom to provide services Report on proposal for a Directive on Services in the Internal Market


Retail financial services Home Loans: Updated programme for the Public Hearing on Mortgage Credit


Banking Report on minimum guarantee level of Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive 94/19/EC
17.11.2005 Public procurement Commission proposes clarification of EU rules on public-private partnerships (IP/05/1440)  
  Speech of C. McCreevy Future of the Company Law Action Plan  
  Speech of C. McCreevy Europe�s Competitiveness Challenge  
  Speech of C. McCreevy "Public-Private Partnerships � Options to ensure effective competition"  
16.11.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Company Law Action Plan: Setting Future Priorities  
15.11.2005 Accounting standards Commission endorses �IAS 39 Fair Value Option� (IP/05/1423)  
  Auditors� liability New European Forum on limitation of financial burdens (IP/05/1420)  
10.11.2005 Postal Services Public consultation on Postal Services (IP/05/1402)  
  Securities and Investment Funds Consultation in relation to possible implementing measures to the Transparency Directive  
08.11.2005 Financial Services Commission presents analysis of obstacles to cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector (IP/05/1386)  
  Council Eurogroup and Council of Economics and Finance Ministers of 7 and 8.11.2005 - Preparation  
  Insurance Solvency II - Impact Assessment - Working documents  
07.11.2005 Public procurement EU and China strengthen cooperation (IP/05/1378)  
  Financial Services Evaluation of the Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP): The Commission asks for comments (IP/05/1377)  


October 2005

Date Theme Subject  
27.10.2005 Payment Services Consultation Paper by Commission services on Regulation (EC) No 2560/2001 - Cross-border payments  
25.10.2005 Financial Crime Questionnaire regarding anti-money laundering obligations in non-face to face transactions  
20.10.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Address to the Global Public Policy Symposium  
19.10.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy IFRS � No Pain, No Gain?  
18.10.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Financial regulation, integration and competitiveness  
  Infringements Commission acts to ensure 12 Member States implement EU laws (IP/05/1300)  
17.10.2005 Industrial Property Trade mark protection in the EU gets cheaper (IP/05/1289)  
  Infringements Infringement proceedings against Austria, Finland, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Sweden (IP/05/1288)  
  Speech of C. McCreevy The Future of Europe � Are we asking the right questions?  
  Speech of C. McCreevy The benefits of economic liberalisation  
13.10.2005 Retail financial services Home Loans: Public Hearing on Mortgage Credit  
  Insurance mediation Directive 2002/92/EC: Information about Member States that wish to be informed about the intermediaries intending to carry on business for the first time in one or more Member States  
  Speech of C. McCreevy The EU framework for investment funds: a facilitator - not a strait-jacket  
  Infringements Commission closes case against Italy on accounting rules for professional sports clubs (�Salva-Calcio�) (IP/05/1271)  
  Free movement of capital Commission calls on Italy to modify law on privatised companies and to apply Court ruling on investment in energy companies (IP/05/1270)  
  Freedom to provide services Working paper: The EU's single market: at your service?  
12.10.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Address to the EABC/BSA Conference on Digital Rights' Management PDFEnglish  
11.10.2005 Auditing C. McCreevy welcomes the agreement reached in Council on the 8th Company Law Directive on statutory audit (IP/05/1249)  
  Regulatory capital C. McCreevy welcomes the agreement reached in Council on the Capital Requirements Directive (IP/05/1250)  
  Public procurement Commission promotes online advertising of public contracts EU-wide (IP/05/1248)  
  Council Eurogroup and Council of Economics and Finance Ministers of 6 and 7.6.2005�- Preparation  
  Music copyright Commission recommendation on management of online rights in musical works  
10.10.2005 Council Competitiveness Council 11.10.2005 - Preparation  
10.10.2005 Free movement of capital The French and German versions are on line DeutschFran�ais  
07.10.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Music copyright: Commission recommendation on management of online rights in musical works  
  Freedom to provide services Results of economic studies by the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis  
05.10.2005 Securities and Investment Funds European Parliament votes in favour of the Commission proposals for the 8th Company Law Directive on statutory audit  
04.10.2005 Securities and Investment Funds Transposition of Lamfalussy Directives  

September 2005

Date Theme Subject  
30.09.2005 Financial Services European Parliament votes to accept Commission proposal for a Capital Requirements Directive for credit institutions and investment firms  
27.09.2005 Company Law Shareholder's rights - Second public consultation - Comments of respondents  
23.09.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Pension funds and asset management: A European Perspective  
23.09.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Financial services in Europe today  
21.09.2005 Professional qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of professional qualifications  
22.09.2005 Speech of A. Schaub Keynote address -  EFAMA Investment Forum 2005  
20.09.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy A vision for the future of payments in Europe  
13.09.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Fund Management � Regulation to facilitate competitiveness, growth and change  
13.09.2005 Retail financial services Commission publishes study on the Costs and Benefits of Integration of EU Mortgage Markets (Press release)  
09.09.2005 Copyright Consultation Music copyright - Contributions  
06.09.2005 Company Law and Corporate Governance Second meeting of the European Corporate Governance Forum - Minutes  
03.09.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy The Agenda for Europe � Economy and Competitiveness  
01.09.2005 Financial Services

The UCITS Review Open Hearing - Online Registration


August 2005

Date Theme Subject  
22.08.2005 Single Market News

Edition 38

08.08.2005 Financial Services Action Plan - Green Paper on Financial Services Policy (2005-2010) - Contributions authorised for publication  
05.08.2005 Retail financial services Commission publishes study on the Costs and Benefits of Integration of EU Mortgage Markets (Midday express)  
03.08.2005 Infringements Commission acts to ensure 13 Member States implement EU laws (03.08.2005)  
    Commission moves against 16 Member States for failure to implement EU legislation on financial services (03.08.2005)



July 2005

Date Theme Subject  
27.07.2005 Freedom to provide services and freedom of establishment Posting of workers from the new Member States: the Commission asks the Netherlands to put an end to unjustified restrictions  
26.07.2005 Financial services  The Commission proposes new measures to tighten controls on money transfers  
25.07.2005 Financial Services Inter-institutional Monitoring Group for financial services re-established  
  Financial Services Actionplan: results of �Exchange of Views on the Financial Services Policy 2005 � 2010�  
22.07.2005 Free movement of capital Commission reports satisfactory progress in eliminating unjustified special rights in EU privatised companies  
20.07.2005 Freedom to provide services and freedom of establishment Commission scrutinises Greek restrictions on media ownership  


Speech of C. McCreevy Mortgage credit in the EU  
  Financial services Commission launches consultation on action in the EU mortgage market  
18.07.2005 Financial services Consultation on a fourth working document on the markets in financial instruments,Directive (MiFID) and on a working document on investment research.  
  Industrial Property Commission adopts a second report on biotechnological inventions, covering gene patents and stem cells  
  Speech of C. McCreevy The Commission�s Financial Services Policy 2005-2010  
  Internal Market Scoreboard Second best transposition result ever  
15.07.2005 Insurance Solvency II: Revised Framework for consultation  
  Financial Reporting Infringement proceedings against Spain  
  Insurance Infringement proceedings against Sweden, Ireland and Greece  
  Industrial Property Infringement proceedings against Luxembourg  
  Professional qualifications Infringement proceedings against Spain and France  
  Public procurement Infringement procedures against Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and France  
  Public procurement Commission provides assistance on implementation of new �e-procurement� rules  
14.07.2005 Securities and Investment Funds Green Paper on the enhancement of the EU framework for investment funds  
  Financial services  Banking: A consultation paper on the E-Money Directive  
  Financial services  Banking: A consultation paper on the Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive  
13.07.2005 Freedom to provide services and freedom of establishment Infringement proceedings against Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland and Spain  
  Freedom to provide services and freedom of establishment Commission calls on France, Italy and Spain to amend their legislation on hydroelectric concessions  
  Copyright Infringement proceedings against France, Finland, Spain and the Czech Republic for non-implementation of 2001 Copyright Directive  
12.07.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Competitiveness Council  
11.07.2005 Financial reporting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Financial instruments: recognition and measurement - IAS 39  
08.07.2005 Financial services Commission report shows potential economic benefits of further integration in new Member States and retail financial services  
  Financial reporting EU Accounting Regulatory Committee supports Commission proposal to endorse �IAS 39 Fair Value Option  
07.07.2005 Council Competitiveness Council 11-12.07.2005 - Preparation  
  Free movement of capital Commission calls on Spain to apply Court of Justice ruling on privatisation law and to comply with law on investment in companies  
  Management of Copyright and Related Rights Music copyright: Commission proposes reform on Internet licensing  
  Electronic Commerce Commission receives mandate to negotiate UN Convention on �e-contracting�  
06.07.2005 Infringements Commission acts on Greek legislation excluding certain companies from public contracts  
  Securities and Investment Funds Transposition of Lamfalussy Directives  

June 2005

Date Theme Subject  
29.06.2005 Financial Services European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Committee - Meeting on 29.06.2005  
28.06.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy The European Corporate Governance Action Plan: Setting priorities  
27.06.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Regulatory and supervisory challenges of financial integration  
23.06.2005 Corporate Governance European Forum makes progress on common approach to responsible company management  
21.06.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Managing financial institutions: the key challenges  
  Speech of C. McCreevy Better regulation and the financial services sector  
20.06.2005 Financial Services Directive on markets in financial instruments (�MiFID�): Commission extends transposition deadline and continues consultation on implementing measures  
  Financial Services Exchange of Views on the Financial Services Policy 2005 � 2010  
16.06.2005 Electronic Commerce Commission seeks mandate to negotiate UN Convention on �e-contracting�  
  Insurance Commission consults on motor insurance issues  
15.06.2005 Professional qualifications The future regime - Common platforms  
13.06.2005 Retail financial services Commission opens sector inquiries into retail banking and business insurance  
11.06.2005 Insurance Publication of the 5th Motor insurance directive in the Official Journal of the EU  
10.06.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Putting economic growth and jobs first  
08.06.2005 Council Competitiveness Council of 6.6.2005 - Results  
07.06.2005 Consultation Ten minutes to improve the business environment in the EU  
07.06.2005 Consultation Ten minutes to improve the business environment in the EU  
  Financial Crime Adoption of anti-Money Laundering Directive  
  Insurance Approval of Reinsurance Directive will reinforce insurance markets  
  Update on the Internal Market  External Dimension - Regulatory Dialogues  
06.06.2005 Professional recognition The Council adopts a directive relating to the recognition of professional qualifications  
  Council Eurogroup and Council of Economics and Finance Ministers of 6 and 7.6.2005 - Preparation  
03.06.2005 Single Market News Editon 37  
  Council Competitiveness Council of 6.6.2005 - Preparation  
01.06.2005 Professional recognition Opinion of the Commission on the European Parliament's amendments to the Council's common position  

May 2005

Date Theme Subject  
27.05.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy A changing landscape for business in Europe  
26.05.2005 Company Law and Corporate Governance Approval of new Directive will boost fight against money laundering and terrorist financing  
20.05.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy European Banking � Challenges and changes ahead  
19.05.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy European Fund Management � Adapting to change  
  Speech of C. McCreevy The European Constitution � Blueprint for an Evolving Europe  
13.05.2005 Corporate Governance Commission consults on minimum standards that should apply to shareholders� rights  
12.05.2005 Public procurement Green Paper on Public Private Partnership: Report on public consultation  
11.05.2005 Professional qualifications The future regime for professional recognition: vote on the Directive by the European Parliament  
  Insurance Solvency II - Calls for Advice (Third wave) from CEIOPS  
10.05.2005 Financial Reporting & Company Law Adoption of the European Parliament opinion on the Cross-Border Mergers Directive  
03.05.2005 Financial Services Green Paper on Financial Services Policy (2005-2010)  
02.05.2005 Public Procurement Report on Functional Requirements for conducting e-procurement under the EU framework  

April 2005

Date Theme Subject  
28.04.2005 Corporate Governance New group to advise the Commission on strengthening shareholders� rights and modernising company law  
  Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Speech of Mr L�der: Legislative and Policy Developments in the European Union  
27.04.2005 Public procurement Commission takes further action on Greek legislation excluding certain companies from public contracts  
26.04.2005 SOLVIT
Problem solving
Report 2004 - SOLVIT goes from strength to strength  
22.04.2005 Data Protection 2 working documents - "Binding Corporate Rules"  
  Accounting International Accounting Standards: Agreement with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)  
21.04.2005 Financial Services Lamfalussy Review: Summary of responses to the consultation organised by the European Commission  
20.04.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy The integration of Europe�s financial markets and international cooperation  
19.04.2005 Public Procurement Defence Procurement - Public consultation - Contributions  
18.04.2005 Financial Services Consultation on "obstacles to cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector"  
15.04.2005 Financial Markets Infrastructure First meeting of Commission expert group on fiscal compliance issues (FISCO)  
14.04.2005 Evaluation

Call for Expression of Interest

Evaluation Plan 2005

Evaluation completed

11.04.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy The limits of accounting standards
08.04.2005 Insurance Insurance Committee: meeting on 08.04.2005
  Financial services - Banking Regulatory Capital: Consultation on "Trading activities related issues and the treatment of double default effects"  
07.04.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy From Quantity to Quality: The Future of Internal Market Regulation  
06.04.2005 Company Law Shareholder's rights - Synthesis of the public consultation  
05.04.2005 Financial services Securities - Responses to the consultation carried out by the European Commission on its working document "The application of the Lamfalussy process to EU securities markets legislation"  
  Speech of C. McCreevy EU priorities: The Single Financial Market today and tomorrow  
  Speech of C. McCreevy Regulation: Right and Wrong  
01.04.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Competitiveness and growth in the EU through the development of an integrated capital market and banking system  

March 2005

Date Theme Subject  
29.03.2005 Securities and Investment Funds Comments received on the Inter-instutional Monitoring Group's Third Report  
22.03.2005 Public Procurement Commission acts on Greek legislation excluding certain companies from public contracts  
  Insurance United Kingdom failure to implement EU law on the winding up of insurance companies  
  Professional qualifications Portuguese requirement for architects qualified in other Member States to pass an examination breaches EU law  
21.03.2005 Copyright in libraries Commission acts to ensure that authors are remunerated  
  Financial Markets infrastructure Clearing & Settlement: results of the consultation  
  Banking List of all credit institutions authorised to do business in Member States  
18.03.2005 Free Movement of People & Individual Rights The Commission asks Greece and the Netherlands to end unjustified restrictions  
16.03.2005 Public Procurement Commission acts to enforce EU law in Spain, UK, Portugal and Italy  
10.03.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy EUROFI Conference: "The wind has changed"  
  Accounting Commission's response to changes proposed to the Constitution of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation (IASCF)  
09.03.2005 Speech of  C. McCreevy Statement to the European Parliament on Computer Implemented Inventions  
  Speech of  C. McCreevy Discussion in the European Parliament Plenary (Verbatim) � Commissioner McCreevy on the Services Directive  
  Speech of  C. McCreevy Statement to the European Parliament on Services Directive  
  Council Results of the Competitiveness Council of Ministers  
07.03.2005 Speech of  C. McCreevy The Barroso Commission: getting down to business  
04.03.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Inaugural Annual Lunch - Federation of International Banks in Ireland  
04.03.2005 Council Competitiveness Council - Preparation  
02.03.2005 Payment Services Data protection: New guidelines on payment card fraud prevention databases  

February 2005

Date Theme Subject  
24.02.2004 Single Market News Edition 36  
09.02.2005 Services Commission publishes the results of an independent study on the economic impact of the proposal for a directive on services in the Internal Market  
08.02.2005 Speaking note of A. Schaub Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee  
02.02.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy The way ahead in the Internal Market  
  Speech of C. McCreevy Governance and Accountability in Financial Services  
01.02.2005 Financial Services Commission sets up expert group on legal certainty issues in clearing and settlement  

January 2005

Date Theme Subject  
27.01.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy Retail Financial Services and the Consumer  
  Internal Market Strategy European governments need to embrace reform more decisively to create more growth and jobs, Commission reports show  
25.01.2005 Financial Services Treatment of CIUs in the Trading Book and Banking Book  
24.01.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy The Lisbon Strategy: Why Less is More  
20.01.2005 Corporate governance Commissioner McCreevy outlines his views to European Forum  
19.01.2005 Public Procurement The Commission has issued an actionplan for electronic public procurement  
14.01.2005 Public Procurement Commission acts to enforce EU law in Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Austria, Portugal and Finland  
12.01.2005 Motor European Parliament approves the Fifth Motor Insurance Directive  
07.01.2005 Data Protection

Commission approves new standard clauses for data transfers to non-EU countries

  Company Law Call for applications for the establishment of the Advisory Committee on Corporate Governance and Company Law  
06.01.2005 Internal Market Strategy Public Hearing on "The Priorities of the Single Market 2005-2010"  

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