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30.05.2013 – Electronic money
Commission requests Poland to fully implement the Directive on the taking up, pursuit and supervision of electronic money institutions (MEMO/13/470)
15.12.2010 – Pay-TV services
Commission proposes to ratify the Council of Europe “Conditional Access” Convention to strengthen protection against piracy (more information)
06.10.2008 – Protection of pay-TV services
Europe-wide protection against conditional-access piracy still indispensable (IP/08/1462 Choose translations of the previous link )
25.04.2008 – Electronic pay-services
Replies to the public consultation on conditional access
11.02.2008 – Electronic pay-services (conditional access)
Directive on the protection of conditional-access services: Commission consultation of interested parties (IP/08/202 Choose translations of the previous link )
23.03.2004 – On-line Services
EU ratifies Council of Europe Convention on notifying new national rules
25.08.2003 – Broadcasting services
Commission refers Germany to Court over allocation of radio spectrum
08.07.2003 – On-line Services
Commission proposes joining Council of Europe Convention
17.03.2003 – Satellite broadcasting and cable retransmission
Meeting of the Working Party of 6 May 2003
29.04.2003 – Electronic pay-services (conditional access)
Commission adopts first report on the functioning of Directive 98/84/EC
26.07.2002 – Satellite broadcasting and cable retransmission
The Commission adopts a report on the application of the Directive concerning the protection of copyright applicable to satellite broadcasting and cable retransmission
23.04.2002 – Cybercrime
Commission adopts proposal to combat cybercrime
22.03.2002 – Electronic pay-services (conditional access)
Commission decides to refer Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg and Spain to Court of Justice