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Infringements (Media)

Infringements and Case Law

30.05.2013 – Electronic money
Commission requests Poland to fully implement the Directive on the taking up, pursuit and supervision of electronic money institutions
20.07.2005 – Media ownership
Commission scrutinises Greek restrictions Choose translations of the previous link  on media ownership
25.08.2003 – Broadcasting services
Commission refers Germany to Court over allocation of radio spectrum
22.03.2002 – Conditional access services
Commission decides to refer Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg and Spain to Court of Justice
25.02.2002 – Conditional access services
Action against Kingdom of Spain - Case C-58/02pdf
08.10.1997 – Digital television
Commission gives green light for Spanish law, but some conditions are still to be met
23.07.1997 – Digital television
Commission sends reasoned opinion to Spain
27.06.1997 – Digital television
Commission opens infringement proceedings against Spain
28.07.2000 – Radio services
Commission pursues infringement proceedings against Germany
03.02.2000 – Satellite broadcasting and Cable retransmission
Spain - Judgement of the Court in Case C-293-98
29.11.2001 – Satellite Dishes
Belgium - Judgement of the Court in Case 17/00
09.03.2000 – Satellite Dishes
Commission again warns Belgium over taxes on satellite dishes
03.05.1999 – Satellite Dishes
Commission decides to send reasoned opinion to Belgium concerning taxes on satellite dishes
26.06.1996 – Media ownership
Commission pursues infringement proceedings against Belgium