Expert group on conditional access


The Expert Group on conditional access was established on 30 September 2008.


The Group’s tasks shall be to:
1. establish cooperation between Member States' authorities and the Commission on matters relating to the implementation and the practical application of the Directive;
2. monitor the development of policies and emerging issues in the area of conditional access, such as new forms of piracy, new distribution platforms, digital rights management systems and the protection of the use of conditional access systems for purposes other than protecting remuneration;
3. ensure the exchange of experience and good practice in the area of conditional access.


1. The number of members of the Group shall be equal to the number of Member States.
2. The members of the Group shall be nominated by the Member States.
3. List of Members of the Expert Group


Expert Group 31 January 2011

  • Agenda PDFEnglish
  • Presentation by the contractor of the future study on the economic potential of crossborder markets of pay to view audiovisual content PDFEnglish
  • DIF Presentation - Beyond the Set Top Box PDFEnglish

Expert Group 25 November 2011

  • Agenda PDFEnglish

Expert Group 16 January 2009

  • Agenda PDFEnglish
  • Conditional Access and the Pay-TV Environment - Bertrand Wendling, Senior Manager Standards & New Technologies NAGRAVISION, member of the Digital Interoperability forum PDFEnglish
  • Evolving Technologies – presentation by Erik Lambert, director of "The Silver Lining Project" PDFEnglish
  • Origin of the Content: Sport Events – presentation by William Bush, Director of Communications at the Premier League PDFEnglish

Expert Group 3 December 2009  

  • Agenda PDFEnglish

Expert Group 31 January 2010

  • Agenda PDFEnglish
  • Presentation by Digital Interoperability Forum – Technology, Interoperability and Security Issues in Delivering Content Anywhere, Anytime PDFEnglish
  • Presentation by the selected tenderer, TNS opinion, on the study on the economic potential of European cross-border pay to view audiovisual services PDFEnglish

Expert Group 03 June 2010

  • Agenda PDFEnglish
  • Presentation on new audiovisual contents by Gabriel Fehervari, CEO of ALFACAM PDFEnglish
  • Presentation on online offers for cricket events by the England and Wales Cricket Board PDFEnglish

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