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Private placement

Call for tender

22.11.2008 - Publication of call for tender

The European Commission has published a call for tender to analyse the economics and the regulatory background of private placement as well as to examine in detail obstacles to private placement across borders within the EU and the (additional) costs caused by this. The time-limit for receipt of tenders is 31.01.2009. For details on the call see the contract notice.

Impact Assessment Report

17.07.2008 - Impact Assessment report on Private Placement

The European Commission has undertaken extensive consultation and impact assessment work over the last year and a half to analyse whether there are significant barriers to cross-border private placement and the options for overcoming them. The Commission has just published its findings in the form of a preliminary impact assessment report.

This report concludes that further work is needed to measure the overall costs and benefits of introducing EU level arrangements and to determine the appropriate scope of such potential arrangements. However, in order to be transparent and following better regulation principles, it has been decided to publish this preliminary report at this stage.


15.01.2008 and 07.02.2008 - Private Placement Workshops


15.10.2007 - Call for evidence: Private Placement Regimes in the EU

The purpose of the call for evidence was to gather information and views from stakeholders as regards the need for and possible design of a European private placement regime. Interested parties were explicitly invited to submit relevant (economic) evidence.

The call for evidence was closed at end of June 2007. The Commission has prepared a