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Rights and opportunities in the Single Market

Your EuropeThe EU Single Market offers exciting oppor­tunities to citizens who want to live and work in another Member State and companies who want to expand their markets. But it can often be difficult to understand fully what rights you have and how to enforce them. A great deal of information on these topics is avail­able on Your Europe, a web portal which aims to provide citizens and businesses with detailed practical information on their rights and opportunities within the Single Market.

If you need further advice and assistance, the following services can help:

Your Europe Advice provides personalised advice to individual citizens in relation to the rights they enjoy under Single Market rules. It will signpost you to the appropriate body to deal with your problem. It can be contacted online or by calling the Europe Direct freephone number 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11.

SOLVITThe SOLVIT network can assist both individual citizens and businesses in solving concrete problems they have encountered when dealing with the public administration of a Member State where they have tried to exercise their rights.

FIN-NETFIN-NET is a network providing alternative dispute resolution facilities in the area of financial services.

Contact points for service providers

EUGOThanks to the EU Points of Single Contact Portal you are no longer required to deal with a multitude of authorities when you want to provide services across Europe. This portal allows you to easily access online “Points of Single Contact” in all EU countries, obtain information on procedures and deal with all formalities needed to carry out your activities by electronic means.

Questions on legislation

Your Questions on LegislationYour Questions on Legislation (YQOL) is an interactive website where users can submit questions relating to Single Market legislation. You can see answers to questions previously asked or submit new enquiries about legislative acts such as MiFID, the Payment Services Directive or the Capital Requirements Directive.

Services of general interest: for any question on the application of Community law to services of general interest (energy, transport, telecommunications, postal services, etc.), you can contact a new interactive information service which will provide you with practical information and guidance.