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March 2014

Commission urges Italy to respect EU rules on copyright protection of designs (MEMO/14/241)

November 2013

20.11.2013Gambling > Infringements
Commission requests Member States to comply with EU law when regulating gambling services (IP/13/1101)
20.11.2013Investment Funds
Commission requests Portugal to apply EU rules (MEMO/13/1005)
20.11.2013Public Procurement
Commission requests Greece to respect EU rules (MEMO/13/1005)
20.11.2013Postal services
Commission requests Cyprus to apply EU rules (MEMO/13/1005)

October 2013

17.10.2013Public Procurement
Commission refers Poland to Court over illegal causes for exclusion of candidates from procurement procedures (IP/13/965)

September 2013

26.09.2013Services Directive
Free movement of services: Commission requests Ireland to remove barriers to travel agents and tour operators (MEMO/13/820)
Financial reporting rules: Commission requests Romania to change accounting rules (MEMO/13/820)