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For the last few years the European Commission has worked very hard on the creation of the TLD (top level domain) “.eu”. In 1999, following requests from the industry and Internet stakeholders in Europe, the European Commission initiated the process to create the .EU domain name as part of the eEurope Action Plan approved by the European Council in Feira (Portugal).

This initiative resulted in the adoption, on 22 April 2002, of the Council Regulation (EC) No 733/2002 on the Implementation of the Internet Level Domain ".eu" . This Regulation paved the way for the creation of the .eu TLD, intended to be the response of the European Union to the increasing importance of electronic commerce in particular and the information society in general, as an element of competitiveness and growth.

The intention of the .eu TLD is not to replace the existing national ccTLDs in the EU, but to complement them and to give its users the additional option of having a pan-European Internet identity for their web sites and e-mail addresses. The .eu TLD will however be managed and operated by a private sector, the Registry, a non-profit organisation.

The Commission Regulation (EC) No 874/2004 laying down public policy rules concerning the implementation and functions of the .eu Top Level Domain and the principles governing registration, was adopted on 28 April 2004 (including an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Policy) to be implemented by the Registry.

It will be run by a private, non-profit organization known as EURid.

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