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What users say
“ IMI has made communication much easier because we can ask questions in our local language and the other competent authorities can read the request in their own language. Cooperation is much closer than it was before. ”

Dr. Zsigmond András
Office of Health Authorisation and Administrative Procedures

“ A Romanian doctor, whose professional qualification had already been recognised automatically, submitted a certificate of good repute issued by the district chamber of doctors in Bucharest. According to our information, it should have been the national chamber of doctors that issues this type of certificate. However, the doctor explained that the national chamber had pointed her to the district authority.

The doctor was meant to start her work in Austria shortly and her other documents would have expired soon. So we contacted the Romanian chamber of doctors through IMI. We were very positively surprised that we received all necessary information within a week. Thanks to the quick reply from Romania, the doctor could start her work as planned. ”

Christiane Wucsits
Chamber of Doctors, Austria

“ Based on many years of experience with the recognition of professional qualifications, I believe that IMI is something we have long waited for and which opens up many possibilities to overcome barriers related to communication, security of data transmission and reliability of responses.

Current ways of communication are certainly much better than in the past.

I only wish and hope that IMI will be imposed as a mandatory channel of communication between competent authorities because it will be less effective if some competent authorities opt to communicate outside IMI. Thank you, IMI. ”

Isabel Calvo
Ministry of Education – Secretariat General for Diplomas and Recognition of Qualifications

“ IMI is a technical success and to a great extent intuitively usable. The training material available on the website together with the face-to-face training offered is suitable to facilitate an effective introduction to the IMI system ”

IMI end-user from Germany

“ A Slovakian travel agency wanted to provide cross-border services in Hungary. We needed to know if the agency exercised its activities in a lawful manner in its Member State of establishment. So we sent a request through IMI and asked our Slovakian colleagues about the representation of the company, which they confirmed the same day. We had some difficulties in understanding each other's interpretation of the financial background of the company, so we exchanged two or three pieces of information in a single day. We were logged onto the system all the time!

Based on our experiences we can confirm that IMI really ensures quick communication between authorities. ”

Katalin Kelemen
Trade Licensing Office, Hungary

United Kingdom
“ Sign up today! IMI is extremely simple to use and you won't regret your decision.  ”

Chris Korcz
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

“ It is wonderful. In the past, we sometimes had to wait for three months to receive an answer to our requests from some countries. With IMI, it is two days. Also, in some countries you had to go through five or even ten different administrations. Now you contact one person. That's all. ”

Dr. Jackie Ahr
National Professional Order of Doctors

“ A doctor who had completed her basic training in the UK declared that she was not able to produce the certificate of experience required for the recognition of her training. Therefore, we contacted the General Medical Council in the UK through IMI. This led to an extremely constructive and intense exchange of information.

The General Medical Council not only indicated precisely which documents needed to be produced to obtain the certificate, but offered access to their documents and rapidly sent a copy of the certificate. This made it possible to recognise the doctor's training without any further difficulties. ”

Christiane Wucsits
Chamber of Doctors, Austria

United Kingdom
“ We have found the introduction of IMI into the area of nursing and midwifery regulation a very positive experience. Not only has it enabled swift resolution of problems, but it has also increased our knowledge about who the regulators in each country actually are, which is a big change from before believe me. I'm glad that we have moved on from the rather hit and miss approach of firing off letters to colleagues in other countries with no guarantee of a reply.  ”

Darren Shell
Nursing and Midwifery Council

“ Thanks to IMI I was able to solve a case which had been on hold for 8 months. The case concerned a professional from another Member State. I used the system and they sent all the information and related documents in 10 days. Since we started using IMI we have already solved dozens of different cases easily, quickly and in a very friendly way. IMI has become an essential tool for our work. ”

Amparo Huici
Ministry of Housing – Secretariat General for Cooperation and Interadmnistrative Relationships

“ During a random check, the Czech Trade Licensing Office came across an entrepreneur from Poland who was selling stockings and gloves on the Czech market. He claimed that he had an authorization from Poland, but the document that he showed to the official did not contain any dates. The Trade Licensing Office checked the validity of the document with its Polish counterparts via the IMI system. The answer came quickly: It proved that the authorization was indeed still valid. ”

František Dickelt
Czech Trade Licensing Office

“ IMI makes it considerably easier to deal with applications for recognition in terms of whether a profession is regulated in the country of origin, whether a professional is fit to practice and, in the case of harmonized professions, whether the minimum requirements are fulfilled.
IMI is also useful when in doubt about the authenticity of a document. Through IMI you can quickly and easily identify whether a certificate that has been presented to an authority is genuine. In the case of very specific questions, however, the predefined sets of questions in IMI are not always relevant. ”

Elke Wiegand
Regional Council of Darmstadt

“ One big advantage of IMI is that it overcomes linguistic barriers. Also, in case a question is quite specific, it is easy to directly contact the official in charge via IMI. The use of IMI by the authorities responsible for recognitions is also an advantage for their applicants. The processing time for applications is reduced and there are no more application fees for certifications in the country of origin or translation costs. ”

Iris Bublitz
Regional Council of Darmstadt

“ In our daily work we deal with many different documents and certificates issued in different Member States. Sometimes it is difficult to assess whether these documents are still valid or whether they are originals. In one case, we needed to check if a certificate issued in Hungary was an original. We used IMI to identify and contact our Hungarian partner, in this case the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers; we attached the document and sent the request. To our surprise we got an answer on the same day! ”

Lenka Zuborova
Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
Department of Entrepreneurship

“ There is now a system in the EU (the Internal Market Information System) which sends information requests automatically deliver the right place. Previously we used to work with handwritten notes, nowadays we can handle things digitally. ”

Dr. L.R. Kooij
Coordinating Secretary Royal Dutch Medical Association KNMG, Training & Registration

“ I really like the system, I am most interested in the opportunities the system itself offers. I don't even have to say that every single information exchange gives me the good feeling that by using the system we can communicate with Europe to resolve the particular case. It would be nice if in the future IMI would come more to the front and the more intensive and active information exchanges would multiply. ”

Katalin Kelemen
Hungarian Trade Licensing Office


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