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The Services Directive Alert Mechanism in IMI
The Services Directive, in its articles 29 (3) and 32 (1), requires Member States to inform other Member States and the Commission about any service activities that might cause serious damage to the health or safety of people or to the environment (‘alert mechanism’).

This information should help Member States to prevent risks and protect service recipients. The rapid and secure exchange of information under the ‘alert mechanism’ will be ensured through the use of a specific application of the Internal Market Information system (IMI).

In order to find out more about the Services Directive or the Alert Mechanism, please consult the following materials: In IMI, the following standard forms are used in order to handle alerts: In addition, a number of pre-defined drop-down lists are available in relation to the alert mechanism in IMI: Should you have any questions on the technical implementation of the alert mechanism through IMI, please contact:
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Last update: 29-Jun-2010