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January 2013

Dear IMI user,

In this newsletter we would like to give you an update on what happened in the IMI network in 2012. It was a year in which IMI reached a number of important milestones.


Firstly, a more user friendly version of IMI went live in May. It included a new user interface and an improved menu structure. It also offers new functionality: PDF reports, machine translation, the possibility to send reminders to your counterpart etc. More detailed explanations on how to use these new features are available here.

The new IMI Regulation (EU) N° 1024/2012 entered into force on 4 December 2012. It is directly applicable in all Member States, which means that no national legislation is required to make it binding. IMI will continue to operate in the same way as before, but some adjustments will be necessary. What does the new Regulation mean for you?


  • Protection of personal data: citizens whose personal data are handled in IMI have the right to be informed about it, to request access to the data, and to have it corrected (or even deleted), in accordance with national data protection legislation.
  • Adequate response: competent authorities should respond to IMI requests within the shortest possible period of time. The IMI coordinators will continue their efforts to ensure that timely and adequate responses are given.
  • Legal value of documents: information and documents received through IMI from other Member States have the same legal value as similar documents originating from your country. This means, for example, that they may be used as evidence in administrative proceedings on the same basis as similar national documents.
  • Blocking/deletion of data: personal data will no longer be automatically deleted 6 months after the closure of an IMI request. Instead, it will be blocked (i.e. made inaccessible by technical means) and deleted after 3 years. During this period, it will be possible to retrieve the data, but only when it is required to prove that certain information was indeed exchanged through IMI.
  • Confidentiality: some information (for example commercially sensitive information) should be protected even where the rules on personal data protection do not apply. There will soon be a possibility to request confidential treatment of such information directly in IMI.

You can find out more about the new Regulation here.

Since November, IMI supports administrative cooperation in a 4th legal area: the cross-border transport of euro cash. This expansion means that 12 new authorities from the Eurozone countries have joined the IMI community.


In June a Dutch user sent the 10.000th IMI information request to his Norwegian counterpart. Moreover, Germany registered the 7000th IMI authority.

The activity in the system grew by 60% in 2012, when IMI users sent more than 4000 requests. In addition, more than half of all IMI requests were answered within 2 weeks.

You can see more statistics on the usage of IMI here.


Users are satisfied with IMI - according to a user survey we carried out last summer. 86% of the respondents thought that IMI was easy to use, and 71% of those users who had tried out the new version thought that it was more user-friendly than the previous one. You can find the results of the user survey and answers to the most frequently asked questions here.


At the beginning of July 2013, Croatia will join the European Union and IMI. Then you will be able to get in touch with Croatian authorities through IMI. New user communities will also join us from the area of Cross-border healthcare. And Services and E-commerce experts will start using IMI to notify legal acts or measures to their counterparts and to the Commission.

You can watch our video about IMI in your own language. It presents how IMI works in a fun and concise way.

We wish you a Happy New Year with lots of efficient cooperation through IMI!

The IMI team of the European Commission, imi-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu

IMI website: http://ec.europa.eu/imi-net
Should you have any comment, please don't hesitate to send us an email! imi-helpdesk@ec.europa.eu