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16.12.2009 Update on on-going Commission work to improve investor protection standards for packaged retail investment products  (MEX/09/1216)
1.12.2009 Commission publishes summaries of responses to consultations on Responsible lending and borrowing and on Credit histories, (MEX/09/1201)
3.11.2009 Consumers to start benefiting from easier bank account switching from November
22.10.2009 Technical Workshop on Packaged Retail Investment Products
14.9.2009 Publication of the results of public consultation on financial inclusion: Ensuring access to a basic bank account (MEX/09/914)
14.9.2009 Publication of the results of public consultation on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the area of financial services (MEX/09/914)
31.8.2009 Public hearing on responsible lending and borrowing, Brussels, 3.9.2009 (MEX/09/831)
25.6.2009 Report on the financial crisis and financial education following the second meeting of the EGFE PDFEnglish
15.6.2009 Commission launches consultation on how to ensure responsible lending and borrowing in the EU
15.6.2009 Commission launches consultation on expert group report on credit histories
29.4.2009 Commission proposes better investor protection measures for packaged retail investment products (IP/09/666)
20.3.2009 FIN-USE selection of applicants – Call for expressions of interest MARKT/2007/03/H
6.2.2009 Consultation on Financial Inclusion
30.1.2009 Report on National Strategies for Financial Education following the first meeting of the EGFE
19.1.2009 Commission launches European Database for Financial Education (IP/09/69)
15.1.2009 Study on Credit Intermediaries in the Internal Market
2.12.2008 Study on the role and regulation of non-credit institutions in EU mortgage market
1.12.2008 Commission welcomes new industry rules on account switching
4.9.2008 Commission nominates members of the Expert Group on Credit Histories (EGCH)
27.6.2008 Fin-Focus No 5 is online
13.6.2008 Call for applications for the Expert Group on Credit Histories (EGCH) opened
28.5.2008 Conference on Financial Inclusion
14.5.2008 The Commission opens a call for applications for the Expert Group on Financial Education (EGFE)
10.5.2008 Call for tender for a study on Tying opened
26.3.2008 Call for tender for a study on Mortgage Credit opened
18.12.2007 Commission sets out strategy for EU mortgage markets
18.12.2007 Commission encourages better financial education for EU citizens
Dec 2007 Fin-Focus No 4 is online
20.11.2007 Commission unveils its vision for a modern single market for all
19.9.2007 Public hearing on Retail Financial Services
31.07.2007 Call for tender for a study on Credit Intermediaries opened
5.6.2007 Report of the Expert Group on Customer Mobility in relation to Bank Accounts
2.5.2007 Green paper on Retail Financial Services in the Single Market
May 2007 Fin-Focus No 3 is online
28.3.2007 Conference on Increasing Financial Capability
17.1.2007 Expert group reports on integration of EU mortgage markets


Nov 2006 Fin-Focus No 2 is online
19.9.2006 First meeting of the expert group on Customer Mobility in relation to Bank Accounts
27.6.2006 New Commission Expert group to identify obstacles in EU mortgage funding market
17.5.2006 Commission launches dialogue on creating an Internal Market for mortgage credit
16.5.2006 Commission Decision to set up an Expert group on Customer Mobility in relation to Bank Accounts
May 2006 Fin-Focus No 1 is online
7.12.2005 Public hearing on Mortgage Credit
13.9.2005 Commission publishes study on the costs and benefits of further integration of the EU mortgage credit market
5.8.2005 Commission study on the Costs and Benefits of Integration of EU Mortgage Markets
19.7.2005 Commission launches consultation on action in the EU mortgage market
13.6.2005 Commission opens sector inquiries into retail banking and business insurance
13.12.2004 Commission publishes expert report on boosting the cross-border mortgage market
22.11.2004 Register of institutions adhering to the European Code: Italy & Estonia
12.10.2004 FIN-USE: first opinion on post-Action Plan stocktaking groups
2.4.2004 FIN-USE: new group will give consumers and SMEs a stronger voice in EU policy making
27.3.2003 Commission invites stakeholders to help it open up the EU market
1.10.2002 Housing loans: more than 3 600 institutions have signed up to the European Code of Conduct, promising to keep customers better informed
17.9.2002 Commission moves to prepare extension of FIN-NET financial services complaints network to future Member States
11.9.2002 Consumer credit rules for the 21st century
2.9.2002 New FIN-NET guide will help consumers to complain across borders
6.12.2001 Register of institutions adhering to European Code of Conduct on consumer information goes online
5.3.2001 Commission endorses guidelines on prior information for consumers
9.2.2001 Commission aims for integrated retail market by 2005
1.2.2001 Commission launches out-of-court Complaints Network to improve consumer confidence

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