07.07.2014 FSUG reaction to Public consultation on modalities for investment protection and ISDS in TTIP  PDFEnglish
03.06.2014 FSUG response to OECD Informal Consultation: Draft of the effective approaches to support the implementation of the remaining G20 High-level principles of financial consumer protection PDFEnglish
05.03.2014 Letter to MEP Jürgen Klute on the Payment Accounts DirectivePDFEnglish
07.02.2014 FSUG response to Joint Committee Consultation Paper on draft guidelines for complaints-handling for the securities (ESMA) and banking (EBA) sectorsPDFEnglish
04.02.2014 Consultation on the review of the Consumer Protection Cooperation (CPC) Regulation (2006/2004/EC) PDFEnglish
31.12.2013 Reply to the consultation on crowdfundingPDFEnglish
02.08.2013 FSUG position on the Payments Accounts Directive PDF - 122 KBEnglish
02.08.2013 Consultation on the review of the European System of financial supervision PDF - 122 KBEnglish
01.08.2013 FSUG reply to EIOPA discussion paper on single market for PPPsPDFEnglish
18.07.2013 Consumer protection in third-pillar retirement products PDF - 122 KBEnglish
17.07.2013 Green Paper on the Insurance of Natural and Man-made Disasters PDF - 122 KBEnglish
11.07.2013 Reforming the structure of the EU banking sector PDF - 122 KBEnglish
01.07.2013 Green Paper on Long-Term Financing of the European Economy PDF - 122 KBEnglish
25.06.2013 Letter to Commissioner Barnier on multilateral interchange fees for card payments PDF - 122 KBEnglish
26.03.2013 Paper on Draft Implementing Technical Standards on reporting of national provisions of prudential nature relevant to the field of occupational pension schemes PDF - 122 KBEnglish
20.12.2012 A possible recovery and resolution framework for financial institutions other than banks PDF - 122 KBEnglish
29.11.2012 A possible Framework for the Regulation of the Production and Use of Indices serving as Benchmarks in Financial and Other Contracts PDF - 122 KBEnglish
13.11.2012 High-level Expert Group’s Final report on Reforming the structure of the EU banking sector PDF - 122 KBEnglish
18.10.2012 UCITS VI long-term investments PDF - 62 KBEnglish
24.09.2012 Letter to Commissioner De Gucht on the impact of WTO rules on EU enhanced financial regulation PDF - 142 KBEnglish
17.09.2012 Market manipulation: Lessons and reform post-LIBOR/EURIBOR PDF - 48 KBEnglish
05.07.2012 Letter to MEP Markus Ferber PDF - 77 KBEnglish
29.06.2012 Letter to Mr Liikanen, Chairman of the High-level Expert Group PDF - 85 KBEnglish
21.06.2012 Future of European Insolvency Law PDF - 27 KBEnglish
12.06.2012 Bank accounts PDF - 327 KBEnglish
01.06.2012 Reform of the structure of the EU banking sector PDF - 41 KBEnglish
31.05.2012 Green Paper on shadow banking PDF - 66 KBEnglish
11.04.2012 Green Paper: Towards an integrated European market for card, internet and mobile payments PDF - 110 KBEnglish
09.12.2011 Financial Stability Board (FSB) Principles for Sound Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices PDF - 55 KBEnglish
23.11.2011 Recommendations on the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve disputes related to commercial transactions and practices in the EU PDF - 34 KBEnglish
27.09.2011 Financial Stability Board (FSB) on Consumer Finance Protection PDF - 38 KBEnglish
19.09.2011 Social Business Initiative (SBI) PDF - 73 KBEnglish
31.08.2011 OECD draft high-level principles on financial consumer protection PDF - 63 KBEnglish
04.08.2011 Letter to President Barroso on financial user representation and effective consumer protection PDF - 80 KBEnglish
20.07.2011 The EU corporate governance framework PDF - 88 KBEnglish
14.07.2011 Letters to President Barroso PDF - 69 KBEnglish & Commissioner Barnier PDF - 68 KBEnglish on the withdrawal of legislative proposal on access to a basic payment account
30.06.2011 Central securities depositories (CSDs) and securities settlement in the EU PDF - 41 KBEnglish
02.05.2011 Taxation problems that arise when dividends are distributed across borders to portfolio and individual investors and possible solutions PDF - 529 KBEnglish
29.04.2011 Towards a coherent European approach to collective redress PDF - 121 KBEnglish
08.04.2011 Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) PDF - 133 KBEnglish
22.03.2011 Interest rate restrictions in the EU PDF - 64 KBEnglish
15.03.2011 Review of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) PDF - 111 KBEnglish
15.03.2011 UCITs depositary function and the UCITs managers remuneration PDF - 64 KBEnglish
11.03.2011 Technical details of a possible EU framework for bank recovery and resolution PDF - 60 KBEnglish
07.03.2011 Review of the Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD) PDF - 55 KBEnglish
28.02.2011 Level 2 implementing measures for Directive 2009/138/EC on the taking-up and pursuit of the business of Insurance and Reinsurance (Solvency 2) PDF - 50 KBEnglish
19.02.2011 Reinforcing sanctioning regimes in the financial services sector PDF - 51 KBEnglish
15.02.2011 Packaged Retail Investment Products (PRIPs) PDF - 32 KBEnglish
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