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20.11.2009 Financial services: Commission takes action to ensure that 10 Member States implement EU rules (IP/09/1760)
29.10.2009 Financial services: Commission takes action against Spain (anti-money laundering), Estonia (statutory audit) and Luxembourg (market abuse) (IP/09/1633)
26.10.2009 Commission adopts additional legislative proposals to strengthen financial supervision in Europe (IP/09/1582)
23.09.2009 Commission adopts legislative proposals to strengthen financial supervision in Europe (IP/09/1347)
07.07.2009 Commission publishes two studies on economic evaluation of the Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP).
27.05.2009 Financial services: Commission proposes stronger financial supervision in Europe (IP/09/836)
06.05.2009 High Level Conference “Towards a new supervisory architecture in Europe” – 7 May 2009 – Brussels (MEX/09/0506)
20.04.2009 Seminar on “Financial Integration and Stability – Challenges and policy lessons”  (EXME09/17.03)
17.04.2009 High Level Conference “Towards a new supervisory architecture in Europe” – 7 May 2009 – Brussels
10.03.2009 Financial market supervision: Commission launches consultation of interested parties  (IP/09/373)
04.03.2009 Commission calls on EU leaders to stay united against the crisis, move fast on financial market reform and show global leadership at G20 (IP/09/351)
25.02.2009 De Larosière Report on EU financial supervision PDFDeutschEnglishEspañolFrançaisItalianoPolski
26.01.2009 Commission adopts measures to strengthen supervisory committees (CESR, CEBS, CEIOPS) and standard-setting bodies for accounting and auditing (EFRAG, IASCF, PIOB) (IP/09/125)
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19.01.2009 European Financial Integration Report 2008 (IP/09/68)
12.08.2008 Commission services publish the record of the Open Hearing on retail investment products held on 15 July 2008 in Brussels
27.06.2008 Fin-Focus № 5 is online
03.06.2008 Open Hearing on Retail Investment Products – Brussels, 15th July, 2008
23.05.2008 Commission consults on review of Decisions establishing the Committees of Supervisors (IP/08/783)
03.04.2008 Retail investment products: Commission publishes feedback statement on call for evidence (IP/08/500)
27.02.2008 Commission puts forward proposals to the European Council on sovereign wealth funds and financial stability
21.12.2007 Study on the EU Market for Long-Term Retail Savings Vehicles
18.12.2007 Commission encourages better financial education for EU citizens (IP/07/1954)
17.12.2007 Fin-Focus № 4 is online
20.11.2007 Commission presents a review of the Lamfalussy process (IP/07/1731)
26.10.2007 Call for evidence on substitute investment products (IP/07/1615)
15.10.2007 Inter-Institutional Monitoring Group publishes final report on Lamfalussy process (IP/07/1495)
13.08.2007 Call for Tender: Survey on cost of compliance with selected FSAP measures
26.06.2007 Conference on “Challenges for EU supervisory arrangements in an increasingly global financial environment”
29.03.2007 Evaluation of the economic impact of the FSAP
28.03.2007 Increasing Financial Capability (SPEECH/07/202)
01.03.2007 Progress Report on the Single Market in Financial Services  (IP/07/270)
14.02.2007 Commission welcomes new US proposals allowing easier deregistration from capital markets (IP/07/185)
05.02.2007 A European Commission conference on Increasing Financial Capability will take place in Brussels on 28 March 2007
30.01.2007 Inter-institutional Monitoring Group proposes improvements to the development of financial services regulation (IP/07/108)
23.01.2007 Publication of the Résumé of Contributions on the methodology for the evaluation of economic impact of the Financial Services Action Plan.
Comments welcome by 23 February 2007
12.12.2006 Fin-Focus: 2. issue
27.09.2006 Workshop on Methodology for the FSAP Evaluation – Part II – 25.10.2006
12.09.2006 Commission acts to improve supervisory approval process for mergers and acquisitions (IP/06/1174)
28.07.2006 Commission enables public access to all national financial services legislation (IP/06/1073)
  Financial Integration Monitor (FIM) 2006 (IP/06/1072)
20.06.2006 Commission hosts first meeting of Financial Services Consumer Group (IP/06/806)
04.05.2006 “Fin-Focus”: new Commission newsletter on what EU financial services policies mean for consumers  (IP/06/575)
16.03.2006 Mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector: Commission asks for industry’s views on how to improve supervisory approval process (IP/06/320)
07.03.2006 Clearing and settlement: Competition and Internal Market Commissioners will act unless there is further action from industry (IP/06/273)
19.01.2006 EU-Japan High Level Meeting on Financial Issues (MEMO/06/14)
11.01.2006 Third meeting of the Inter-institutional Monitoring Group (IP/06/25)
10.01.2006 2005 was a year of achievement, says Commission report (IP/06/13)
04.01.2006 Third meeting of the Inter-institutional Monitoring Group – Questionnaire
20.12.2005 Commission granted authority to negotiate international convention on holding securities (IP/05/1637)
05.12.2005 White Paper on Financial Services Policy (2005-2010)
28.11.2005 Speech of A. Schaub: The European Commission’s financial services policy until 2010 and future projects PDF - 33 KBDeutsch
18.11.2005 Banking: Report on minimum guarantee level of Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive 94/19/EC
10.11.2005 Consultation in relation to possible implementing measures to the Transparency Directive
08.11.2005 Commission presents analysis of obstacles to cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector
18.07.2005 Speech of Ch. McCreevy – The Commission’s Financial Services Policy 2005-2010
  Welcome and opening address of Mr Schaub – Exchange of Views on the Financial Services Policy 2005 – 2010
27.06.2005 Speech of Ch. McCreevy at Lamfalussy London Summer Dinner: “Regulatory and supervisory challenges of financial integration”
21.06.2005 Speech of Ch. McCreevy – Managing financial institutions: the key challenges PDF - 33 KBEnglish
  Speech of Ch. McCreevy – Better regulation and the financial services sector PDF - 33 KBEnglish
20.06.2005 Presse release: Directive on markets in financial instruments (“MiFID”): Commission extends transposition deadline and continues consultation on implementing measures
20.06.2005 The Directorate-General “Internal Market and Services” organises a one-day “Exchange of Views on the Financial Services Policy 2005–2010” in Brussels on 18th July 2005.
26.05.2005 Opening Address of Ch. McCreevy – Federation of European Securities Exchanges PDF - 89 KBEnglish
03.05.2005 Green Paper on Financial Services Policy (2005–2010)
06.12.2004 Speech of Ch. McCreevy - Assessment of the integration of the Single Market for financial services English
07.11.2004 Speech of A. Schaub: Financial integration in EU25 – Lessons learnt and prospects for the future  
07.10.2004 Speech of A. Schaub: The future of the European financial marketplace - between integration and over-regulation? Deutsch
27.08.2004 Summary of the conference on European Financial Integration  
29.11.2003 Speech of A. Schaub: Money vs. ethics: Dilemmas for law firms and financial institutions in capital markets and mergers and acquisitions  
06.11.2002 Speech of A. Schaub: Towards a Single Financial Services Market; Anticipating and Managing Change PDFEnglish
23.07.2002 Financial markets: High-level exchange of views  
11.07.2002 Speech of Mr. Bolkestein: Speeding up the Consolidation of European Financial Markets  
08.05.2002 Council: Results of Council of Economics and Finance Ministers, Brussels, 7th May 2002, Financial services, taxation and postal services  
18.04.2002 Commission services publish analysis of repercussions of Enron collapse  
08.11.2000 Financial Services and New Technologies, Brussels FR
25.07.2000 Financial services: Commission recommends greater disclosure of financial information in accounts  

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