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Crowdfunding is an emerging alternative source of financing. It refers to open calls to the public, generally via internet, to finance a project through either a donation, a monetary contribution in exchange for a reward, product pre-ordering, lending, or investment.

Any type of project can launch a crowdfunding campaign: SMEs, artists, innovative start-ups, social entrepreneurs may all benefit from different forms of crowdfunding.

The European Commission is exploring the potential and the risks of this relatively new and growing form of finance, as well as the national legal frameworks applicable to it, in order to identify whether there is value added in European level policy action in this field.

An Expert Group called “European Crowdfunding Stakeholders Forum” (ECSF) has been set up – 25.06.2014

For further information about the Expert Group called “European Crowdfunding Stakeholders Forum” ECSF please visit the Transparency Register.

Communication on crowdfunding – 27.03.2014

The European Commission adopted today a Communication on crowdfunding. The objective of this Communication is to unleash the potential of crowdfunding within the EU by developing, in cooperation with stakeholders, a common understanding at EU level and preparing the ground for possible future actions.

Public consultation “Crowdfunding in Europe ? Exploring the added value of potential EU action” – 03.10.2013

The European Commission is launching a consultation to explore the added value of potential EU action. All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation that will be open from 3 October to 31 December 2013. Contributions are particularly sought from competent authorities, crowdfunding platforms, entrepreneurs and individuals who launched a crowdfunding campaign and citizens who contributed to such campaigns.

Workshop “Crowdfunding: Untapping its potential, reducing the risks“ – 03.06.2013

The European Commission organised a workshop on 3 June 2013 in Brussels, with around 250 participants.