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Parcel delivery

Commission’s roadmap for completing the single market for parcel delivery - 16.12.2013

E-commerce is one of the main drivers of a more prosperous and competitive Europe, with a significant potential for contributing to economic growth and employment. Through this Roadmap, the Commission aims to ensure that tangible improvements are made as quickly as possible. Action is required to provide e-retailers and consumers with high-quality, accessible and affordable parcel delivery services in cross-border delivery, taking due account of the needs of SMEs and of less advanced or accessible regions.

Public consultation on an integrated delivery market to boost e-commerce in the EU (29.11.2012 - 22.02.2013)

On 29 November 2012, the European Commission adopted a Green Paper consultation on the delivery of parcels, with special emphasis on cross-border issues and e-commerce needs.

The Green Paper builds on the Commission’s Communication on e-commerce and online services of 15 January 2012, which identified delivery as one of the top five priorities to help boost e-commerce by 2015.

With this Green Paper, the Commission will collect information on the current state of the delivery market for products bought online, and identify any potential hurdles for the creation of an EU-wide integrated parcel delivery market. Furthermore, it will seek stakeholders’ views on how best to serve the interests of customers, businesses and end-consumers.

On the basis of the information collected, the Commission will identify solutions to help improve cross-border parcel delivery, notably with regard to prices, “convenience” for customers, and interoperability.

Virtually anyone who sends or receives parcels is affected by this initiative and therefore strongly encouraged to participate. Responses to this wide-ranging consultation should be received by February 22, 2013 at the latest.