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Management of Copyright and Related Rights

Directive on collective management of copyright – 04.02.2014

The European Union has adopted a Directive 2014/26/EU on collective rights management and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online uses. The Directive aims at ensuring that rightholders have a say in the management of their rights and envisages a better functioning of collective management organisations as a result of EU-wide standards. The new rules will also ease the multi-territorial licensing by collective management organisations of authors’ rights in musical works for online use. The Commission will work closely with the Member States to achieve a correct transposition of the provisions of the Directive into national law by the transposition date of 10 April 2016.


The Commission has now completed the assessment of Europe’s online music sector in the light of the Commission Recommendation 2005/737/EC of 18 October 2005 on collective cross-border management of copyright and related rights for legitimate online music services. The attached “summary report” presents the results of the monitoring. The “call for comments” launched on 17 January 2007 yielded 89 replies from a wide variety of stakeholders that have a direct or indirect interest in how music is licensed for online services that are accessible across the Community. All 79 non-confidential contributions are now made available on this website.

Public Hearings

The Governance of Collective Rights Management in the EU, Brussels (23.04.2010)

On April 23, 2010, the European Commission held a Public Hearing on the Governance of Collective Rights Management in the EU. The aim of the hearing was to explore how the relationships between copyright owners, collecting societies and commercial users of copyright have evolved over time.

Recommendation (18.05.2005)

The European Commission has adopted a recommendation on the management of online rights in musical works. The recommendation puts forward measures for improving the EU-wide licensing of copyright for online services. Improvements are necessary because new Internet-based services such as webcasting or on on-demand music downloads need a license that covers their activities throughout the EU. The absence of EU-wide copyright licenses has been one factor that has made it difficult for new Internet-based music services to develop their full potential.

Working documents

Music copyright: Study on a community initiative on the cross-border collective management of copyright

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