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Access to copyright works for people with print disabilities (ETIN)

Access to copyright works for people with print disabilities – Memorandum of understanding

The aim of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on access to works by people with print disabilities is to increase the number of works published in special formats and facilitate their distribution across the European Union.

The MoU is the first result of a Stakeholder Dialogue which was set up in December 2009 upon a recommendation of the Commission’s Communication on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy (COM(2009)532 final). The Stakeholder Dialogue is comprised of representatives of the right-holder community (publishers, authors, collecting societies) and interested parties such as associations for blind and dyslexic persons.

The MoU fosters a pragmatic approach and aims to support publishers’ efforts to produce accessible content, to develop a network of Trusted intermediaries in all EU Member States and stimulate the creation of an online European accessible e-books service. Stakeholders recognise that the MoU is only a first step in ensuring general access to all print material to people with print disabilities and have therefore included monitoring and success measures. The Commission will continue to facilitate the Stakeholder Dialogue during its implementation.

ETIN (European Network of Trusted Intermediaries)

The stakeholders, with the support of the European Commission, are working on the practical implementation of the commitments set out in the MoU. For this purpose the parties have established the “European Network of Trusted Intermediaries” (ETIN). This is a Brussels-based network representing both trusted intermediary organisations and rights holders. It aims to have pan-European coverage.

The ETIN has agreed a model licence/agreement for the cross-border transmission of accessible copies of works. This model licence/agreement is put forward as a basis for arrangements between potential TIs and rights holders at national level. The ETIN is also finalising terms for the mutual recognition of TIs within the ETIN. The ETIN will continue to serve as a contact point and advisory and consultation centre for the cross-border transmission and supply of accessible copies of works.