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Consultation on FX financial instruments

Policy Field

  • Internal Market, Financial Services

Target group

Firms active in the trading of FX spot and derivative contracts.


  • From 11.04.2014 to 09.05.2014 – (closed).


Concerns have been raised about the lack of harmonisation between the EU Member States on where the boundary lies between what is an FX financial instrument and a spot FX contract. The Commission therefore seeks stakeholders input on where they consider this boundary should be set. This consultation is narrow in scope and has the purpose of bringing clarity on this delineation to ensure that there is clear, adequate and consistent application of the relevant financial regulation across the EU.

How to submit your contribution

The participation period to this consultation is now over.

Consultation document

Please click here to view the consultation document PDFen.

Reference documents and other related consultations

  • N/A

Contact details

Responsible services:
Internal Market and Services DG,
Financial Markets
Unit G3 – Securities Markets

Why does the consultation take less than 12 weeks?

This is a technical issue which for reasons of legal certainty and need for consistent application of financial regulation across the EU requires a swift regulatory response.

Number of responses received to this consultation

79 contributions were received.

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