Consultation on Green Paper – Towards an integrated European market for card, internet and mobile payments

Policy field
Payment services

Target group
All citizens and organisations were welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions were particularly sought from market participants, national governments and national competent authorities.

Period of consultation
Closed (from 11.1.2012 to 11.4.2012)

Objective of the consultation
The purpose of this consultation was to collect information from all interested stakeholders on the existing situation of the card, internet and mobile payments market and the potential hurdles for integration at European level in these markets.

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Consultation paper (Green Paper)

Reference documents and other related consultations

Contact details
Responsible services: Internal Market and Services DG, Unit H3 – Retail financial services and consumer policy
E-mail: markt-sepa@ec.europa.eu
Postal address:European Commission, SPA2 4/69, BE-1049 Brussels

Number of responses received to this consultation
To be announced later.

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Contributions authorised for publication will be published later.

In the interests of transparency, organisations were invited to provide the public with relevant information about themselves by registering in the Commission’s Interest Representative Register and subscribing to its Code of Conduct. If the organisation is not registered, the submission will be published separately from the registered organisations.

Results of consultation and next steps

Last update: 16.04.2012