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Social economy: a European conference to take stock pdf (281 KB) Choose translations of the previous link 
Interview of Alain Coheur, President of Social Economy Europe by J. Winkel, Alter Échos
Je ne m’interdis pas d'aller plus loin pour consolider le socle social en Europe
interview of Commissioner Barnier by H. Fargues and F. Roux,
Michel Barnier : Entrepreneurs sociaux, prenez la parole !
video of the interview of Commissioner Barnier by S. Amicone, LCI/TF1
L’importance des entreprises sociales en Europe
video of the interview of Commissioner Barnier, Arte Future
We see Klimax Plus as a social enterprise that is based on the business model promoted by the Social Business Initiative, and that has been confirmed in the Strasbourg Declarationpdf(153 KB) Choose translations of the previous link 
interview with Olga Theodorikakou, Klimax Plus, Athens, Greece


Social Eco
podcast – Edition of 16/1/2014 dedicated to the Strasbourg Event, Radio Classique


Les entrepreneurs sociaux d’Europe ont rendez-vous à Strasbourg
article by S. Husson, La Croix
Strasbourg social enterprise conference: what did we learn?
article by Dai Powell, The Guardian
Did it live up to the hyve?
article by Charlotte Seager, The Guardian
Strasbourg conference – the global impact on the sector
article by Paula Woodman, The Guardian
Weekly roundup: Social Enterprise Network: 17 January 2014
article by Charlotte Seager, The Guardian
Illustration of Day 1
published in The Guardian
Illustration of Day 2
published in The Guardian
Nouveau départ pour le statut de mutuelle européenne
article by P. Lelièvre, Mutualité.fr
Impresa sociale, si può fare di più
article by O. Spaggiari,
Impresa sociale, la dichiarazione di Strasburgo
article by the redaction of
Light at the end of the Euro tunnel? New EU rules could open £450bn a year market for social enterprises
article by I. De Grave,
Why Europe’s new to-do list could boost the social economy
article by I. De Grave,
Zašto socijalno poduzetništvo ne zanima Hrvatsku?” (Why social business does not interest Croatia?)
article by Gordan Duhaček,
Socijalno poduzetništvo spašava Europljane: Zapošljava 11 milijuna ljudi i stvara 10% BDP-a” (Social entrepreneurship saves Europeans: Employs 11 million people and creates 10% of GDP)
article by M.R.,
Strasbourg Declaration: Empowering social entrepreneurs for innovation, inclusive growth and jobs
article by EU Reporter
What happened in Strasbourg?
article by Social Enterprise UK
The meaning of Social Innovation – it has to be meaningful
article by Social Platform
The Strasbourg Declaration: empowering social entrepreneurs for innovation, inclusive growth and jobs
article by Transition – Transitional Network for social innovation incubation
Social entrepreneurship cafés in Strasbourg on 15 January
article by Euclid Network
Entrepreneurs sociaux : Prenez la parole !
article by Hugues Sibille, Alternatives économiques
Review: Straßburg-Konferenz für Sozialunternehmer aus zivilgesellschaftlicher Sicht” (Review: the Strasbourg conference for social entrepreneurs from a civil society point of view)
article by Detlef, Nachrichten, die uns betreffen: Der Newsblog
Voices stronger for social economy in Europe
article by Pro Bono Australia
Socialt entreprenörskap stärker sin ställning i EU” (Social entrepreneurship is strengthening its position in the EU)
article by the Centrum för Publikt Entreprenörskap
Letizia Moratti: Finanza, l’Ue si muove” (Letizia Moratti: Finance, the EU is on the move)
article by Marco Girardo,
Impresa sociale: dibattito a Strasburgo su futuro” (Social entrepreneurship: Strasbourg held a debate on its future)
article by Viola De Sando,
INSIGHT – Social entrepreneurshippdf(184 KB) Choose translations of the previous link 
feature article by Europolitics
Social Entrepreneurs event in Strasbourg
article by Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)
Social cooperatives at the high level debate during the European Commission conference on social enterprises
article by CECOP