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The European Company – Your business opportunity?

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What you need to know about the European Company Statute

The European Company (also known by its Latin name Societas Europaea or SE) is a type of public limited-liability company regulated under EU law.

The European Company Statute offers:

  • a simpler way to run your business if you are active in more than one EU country. For example, you can reorganise your activities under a single European label
  • greater mobility in the integrated EU market: for example you can transfer your registered office to another EU country without having to dissolve the company
  • a framework for how to involve staff – employed in more than one country – in the running of your business.

Since its introduction in 2004, the European Company statute has been adopted by more than 1800 businesses that run their activities in more than one EU country. If you are looking to capitalise on business opportunities in Europe, it could also be the best solution for you!

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