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05.11.2009 Getting better access to company information:
Commission consults on the interconnection of business registers (IP/09/1677)
04.09.2009 Seminar on corporate governance in financial institutions – Brussels, 12 October 2009
07.07.2009 Publication of the Annual Report 2008 of the Forum
  Minutes of the last meeting of the European Corporate Governance Forum
29.04.2009 Commission sets out principles on remuneration of risk-taking staff in financial institutions (IP/09/674)
  Commission sets out further guidance on structure and determination of directors’ remuneration (IP/09/673)
24.03.2009 Executive remuneration: European Forum sets out best practices for directors’ pay (IP/09/459)  
16.02.2009 Commission consults on a possible European Foundation Statute (IP/09/270)  
17.12.2008 Commission publishes checklist for the distribution of information according to Article 20 of the Takeover Bids Directive (2004/25/EC).  
25.09.2008 Commission proposes further simplification of EU rules on mergers and divisions (IP/08/1407)  
02.07.2008  Registrations are now open for the 2008 Transatlantic Corporate Governance Dialogue, which takes place in Brussels on Tuesday, 9 September. Click on the link below for more details
  Commission appoints new members of European Corporate Governance Forum (IP/08/1081)  
25.06.2008 “Think Small First”: A Small Business Act for Europe (IP/08/1003)
  • Proposal for a European Private Company Statute
05.06.2008 Commission takes measures against 11 Member States over non-implementation of EU rules on cross-border mergers (IP/08/872)  
  Anti-money laundering: Commission takes measures against 15 Member States for non timely implementation (IP/08/860)  
10.03.2008 Commission holds conference on the European Private Company (IP/08/411)
01.02.2008 DG Internal Market & Services publishes external feasibility study on an alternative to the capital maintenance regime established by the 2nd Company Law Directive
29.01.2008 DG Internal Market & Services organises a conference on the European Private Company (SPE) on 10 March 2008 in Brussels.
21.01.2008 Commission publishes information on the state of play of the transposition of Community directives in the field of company law and anti-money laundering financière
03.10.2007 Speech by Commissioner McCreevy at the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee (SPEECH/07/592)
  Company law – Frequently asked questions
20.07.2007 Commission reports on application of EU recommendations on directors’ pay and independence (IP/07/1147)
  Commission consults businesses on possible European Private Company Statute (IP/07/1146)
12.07.2007 Commission sets out vision for simplifying EU rules on company law, accounting and auditing (IP/07/1087)
11.07.2007 EU cuts red tape at record speed: Small businesses save time and money (IP/07/1076)
12.06.2007 Directive on shareholders’ rights formally adopted (IP/07/800)
04.06.2007 Commission publishes external study on proportionality between capital and control in EU listed companies (IP/07/751)
27.02.2007 Corporate governance: Member States reluctant to give a greater say to shareholders in the context of takeover bids, says Commission report (IP/07/251)
15.02.2007 Charlie McCreevy welcomes European Parliament vote on Shareholder Voting Rights in first reading (IP/07/193)
24.07.2006 Statement and Recommendation from the European Corporate Governance Forum (MEX 25.07.2006)
07.07.2006 Report on consultation on future priorities for Action Plan (MEX 07.07.2006)
05.04.2006 Public hearing on future priorities for the Action Plan  (MEX 05.04.2006)
14.03.2006 Commission welcomes European Parliament agreement on Directive to simplify the formation, maintenance and alteration of companies’ capital (IP/06/312)
10.01.2006 Commission proposals to make it easier for shareholders to exercise their rights within the EU (IP/06/10)
20.12.2005 Consultation on future priorities for Action Plan
17.11.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy: Future of the Company Law Action Plan
10.11.2005 Consultation in relation to possible implementing measures to the Transparency Directive
28.06.2005 Speech of C. McCreevy: The European Corporate Governance Action Plan: Setting priorities
23.06.2005 European Forum makes progress on common approach to responsible company management
19.05.2005 Commission Decision of 28 April 2005 establishing a group of non-governmental experts on corporate governance and company law
13.05.2005 Commission consults on minimum standards that should apply to shareholders’ rights
28.04.2005 New group to advise the Commission on strengthening shareholders’ rights and modernising company law
06.04.2005 Shareholder’s rights – Synthesis of the public consultation
20.01.2005 Corporate governance: Commissioner McCreevy outlines his views to European Forum
07.01.2005 Call for applications for the establishment of the Advisory Committee on Corporate Governance and Company Law
26.12.2005 Commission asks Spain to end discrimination against shareholders
25.11.2004 Cross-border mergers – Council agreement
29.10.2004 Companies’ capital: Commission proposes simplifying the formation, maintenance and alteration of companies’ capital
27.10.2004 Synthesis of the consultation on board responsibilities and improving financial and corporate governance information
18.10.2004 Commission creates European Forum to promote convergence in Europe
08.10.2004 European Company Statute in force, but national delays stop companies using it
06.10.2004 Directors’ pay – Commission sets out guidance on disclosure and shareholder control
06.10.2004 Corporate governance: Commission urges Member States to ensure a strong role for independent directors
29.09.2004 Independent directors and Board Committees: Commission announces results of consultation
16.09.2004 Shareholders’ rights: public consultation
24.06.2004 Speech of Mr. F. Bolkestein
26.04.2004 Consultation on board responsibilities and improving financial and corporate governance information
26.02.2004 Commission consults on the cross border transfer of companies’ registered offices
23.02.2004 Commission consults on directors’ remuneration

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